Organizing Your Entire Home

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  • Wow, I copied your whole list and what a big help it will be! I am focusing on one thing at a time...right now I am restocking the medicine box, buying Nyquil or cough syrup, etc...each time I go to the store. I am an organized person by nature, but it is always interesting to read other people's ideas...thank you so much!!
    the trainlady
  • Trainlady and I are on the same page. I just copied your whole list too and I was going to start my comment off with WOW too! Great minds think alike and Thanks so much for the great post!
  • What are you working on Julie!!!
    Yes, great minds DO think alike!!!
    My plans go kind of slow because money is restocking the medicine chest...easy as it sound, goes slow when I can't just go out and buy everything I need. The next few grocery shopping trips I'll just buy a little at a time.
    It will be nice to be stocked up. Seems there's never any Nyquil or Vicks in the house when Mark or I get sick.

    I wish I had the money to go out and buy a bunch of tupperware like boxes to make the garage look better...oh welll, maybe we'll get rich with my new job I am starting this week!!! NOT!!!!

    the trainlady
  • Hi Trainlady--did you walk on the beach this weekend?

    I'm working on my kitchen--my cupboards have just been a mishmash of stuff shoved in with the door closed real quick. I finally got my pots and pans and lids all together in the spot that makes sense to me (we have no place for a potrack) so they are in the drawer under the oven. I put most of the regularly used small appliances in a cupboard and all of my baking stuff in another cupboard. (There is actually room for some more stuff if I'd be so inclined -- which I'm not).

    Next I'm going to tackle the food storage area--what there is of it. Babysteps all the way. I saw that you finally got hooked up with flylady. Did you figure out that a "hot spot" is those areas in your home where when one thing gets put there they seem to multiple like rabbits and you soon have a raging fire? I've got several.

    Take care and happy organizing!
  • Hi Julie,
    Yes, we walked on the beach and it was real nice. We are 3 hours to the coast so don't get to go too often.

    Next I want to start the garage, even if I don't have the clear plastic containers I would like. I can still try to get it more organized. I am going camping soon so, foremonst I want to get that stuff organized.

    The medicine cabinet is getting there!...
    peace, train
  • I spent this week organizing our garage and labeling everything. I had some plastic tupperware boxes but most everyting is in cardboard boxes. I did get everything labeled which will make finding things so much easier. I figure I better get this stuff done while I do not have a job yet.
    It was no fun but I felt better after it was done...and so did Mark!
  • I thought I would revive this one as there are a lot of good ideas here!

    hugs, train
  • Thanks for so many ideas to help keep a home organized.
    Although I use clear plastic totes - I don't have to label large items I have in them (i.e. seasonal arrangements / decorations), I can see what they are regardless of whether I am in home or in garage storing them, I like the ones w/flip lids, although some snap locking can be better, and should a leak occur (heaven forbid) the box isn't destroyed / warped from the damage - which also allows for easier clean-up should something spill on it.
    I do use cloth totes, cloth, plastic, and paper shopping bags, cardboard boxes (when able) for scrap-booking paper; stickers; photos, etc, wooden and metal shelving units (i.e. book cases, desk(s), trash bins, file holders, etc), and plastic storage cabinets for smaller items (i.e. ribbons, floral blocks, sticky paints, stencils, etc). Wicker baskets aren't just for bread / rolls anymore, I use them for holding our kitchen towels. My MIL use to use a house-shaped cubby in her bathroom for her wash-clothes, and I decided to use a wicker-basket w/cloth cover to hold our rolled kitchen towels.