OAMC--no freezer

  • Is it still possible to do Once-A-Month-Cooking without a freezer. Yes, I know I couldn't do all my cooking once a month, but I'm looking to make multiple dinners with only a small top freezer. Also, I would like recipes that I could prepare the night before, and throw in the oven when I get home.

  • Instead of once a month, how about doing it once a week. Most small freezers would hold enough casserole dishes to use once a week cooking. It wouldn't be quite as economical as once a month ( you wouldn't be buying in as large of quantities), but time-wise there would be a saving.
  • Yes You Can Do OMAC w/Small Freezer

    I'm really new to this myself, but I just finished reading Jonni McCoy's Miserly Moms and she says that she does it with only the freezer on her fridge/freezer. She says the secret is to store the meals in ziplock freezer bags instead of freezer containers. You lay them flat and then when they freeze, you can stack them easily or even put them up on end. This way you can fit lots in the freezer. I tried this with ham and beans and it worked perfectly. I know it would work well with sauces and chile, too, but I guess if you wanted to freeze meatballs that might be a little awkward!

    Anyway, I'm going to keep trying new things. Good luck!
  • What I do instead of keeping casseroles , lasagnas and such in a casserole pan is line the pan with foil (the new nonstick foil is perfect for this) add my meal and put into freezer until its just frozen then pop out and completely cover in foil and put in a freezer bag and label. That way it is square and flat plus it is the shape of the pan you would bake it in and frees up the pan in the mean time. Another plus is when you bake it if you leave the foil on the bottom you won't have to scrub a pan!!! Hope wrote this so its understandable lol If not let me know !
  • Oh yeah another thing I do is flash freeze things like twice baked potatos or meatballs. Flash freeze means to put your item (cooked meatballs) on a cookie sheet or tray and freeze then transfer to a freezer bag...that way they dont all stick together and you can pull out 2 or 20 without any hassle. Very convenient