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Angela in ID 08-04-2002 09:23 AM

oamc problem - please help
I have done oamc in the past and been very happy with it. The problem I have now is that we moved into a large home with a smaller kitchen (go figure!). I don't have enough counter space to spread everything out. My kitchen is in a 'U' shape with no large expanse of counter. The stove is in the middle of one and the sink in the middle of another. Any ideas? We will be beginning homeschooling again soon and I would like to do whatever I can to make my life a bit easier. Thanks ladies!



LuvMyFF 08-11-2002 10:16 AM

Is there anyway that you could use your dining room table to help lay it all out?



cat lover 08-06-2015 02:51 PM


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