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  • I have recently subscribed to lazygourmet and boy do they ever have some GREAT recipes there!!
  • There is a crockpot cookbook available at (Love that site) called:

    "The Crockery Cook"

  • THANKS nagymom!! I have it bookmarked now
  • Piglets--that site is wonderful for all kinds of books! I bought books for Christmas there that normally would have been $20/each. I paid less for 4 of them than I would have for one anywhere else and that included S&H!

    BTW love your sig line!

  • Jayne,
    They do look pretty reasonable ;-)

    Thanks 4 the compliment abot my sig line, can ya tell, I LOVE PIGS !! LOL
  • Piglets, I have an old friend who used to collect pigs and teddy bears. What a combination!

    We met while we were both living in Germany (Army families). We used to go shopping all over and one day stopped in a little shop in our town. Low and behold if she didn't find a PIGGY BANK with a picutre of a TEDDY BEAR on it! Don't you know she grabbed that thing up.

    I don't know if she still collects these (she lives in Texas now and I'm in North Carolina) but she had a huge collection of both at one time.

  • Jayne,
    That was so cool 4 her 2 have found a pig with a teddy on it! I bet that she was on cloud 9 I have them everywhere in my home and I even have a mini pot belly pig that I have who is currently living at a Sanctuary in WI.
  • Crock website
    I tried the link for the just crockpot recipes and it didn't work. I discovered that you had left out the "o" in pot. Maybe you have long nails as I do and they just slide right over the buttons! Anyway, easy enough fixed. Thanks for the info.