Where to put the mail?

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  • My DH and I are trying to solve the problem of where to put the mail, both when it first comes in and after it's been opened but before we've "dealt" with it.

    Here's the situation.
    I have a desk (and my mail goes to my desk where it sits in a messy pile )
    DH does not have or want a desk.
    We have a toddler and we don't want the mail to be in his reach.
    There's no place in the kitchen to put it (which is good because I don't want it in the kitchen anyway).

    I've been considering purchasing a picnic basket to keep the mail in. This way it would be portable yet out of the way.

    Are there any other solutions?
  • This was how we dealt with it b4 the fire...Hubby had a desk and when he came in from the PO he sorted the mail and placed it standing up on his desk. We had r mail, the funeral home mail, and even his godmother's mail. I never messed with that bunch of mail....
  • We have always had a basket of some sort on the counter in the kitchen - a "catch all" basket if you will. Since I am not working, I get the mail and place it in a "in file" wall hanging (sitting on back of desk) system. Sometimes I open it immediately and place the invoice in the "in file." Either way the mail is always going to some place where it is easily found by the adults, but challenging for any visiting (or in your case home) children.
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  • We have a small wooden key and letter rack mounted on the wall behind the inner front door.
    We hang the keys on te hooks and then the front ection of th letter rack we place unopened post for each other and the back post we have to deal with.
  • I bought a hanging pocket organizer. That way it is on the wall, off desks and tables and I can put bills in 1 pocket, and organize my mail depending on the type of mail it is.
  • I look at the mail when I take it out of the mailbox. Then, I have a "bills box" which the bills go in, kept on top of the China Cabinet. Most get paid on the first of the month when I get my retirement checks, but some are "stragglers" and have to be paid when they come in. It is easier since I am the only one dealing with the bills. When I was married, we both sat down and one wrote the checks while the other one wrote "paid" on the bill. But, it took me over an hour to do the bills with my husband as he wanted to "discuss" each bill. Now, it takes me less than 15 min. On my Word Pad, I have a list of the bills, alphabetical, amount due, date due, balance if there is one.
  • The mail goes on my desk as I'm the one that keeps up with when things need paid and making sure info gets mailed back out.

  • We use a bill box for our mail that is bills..I open each bill..throw away the junk they send with the bills, and look at the dates they are due. I stack them in order of the first that has to go out.

    Next I have a pile of magazines or catalogs for me, and I have a pile of mail just for my hubby.

    We address the mail as it comes in each day..I hate mail clutter.

    Hugs, Janet
  • We have a wicker basket that serves as our bill-collector. Works perfect! Bills are always in one place, and basket is uber portable!