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  • Children picking up after themselves!
    Confiscating their things really works. I had a problem with my girls (3 yrs and 1 1/2 yr of age) pulling clothes out of their dressers. I got fed up, so I told them if its on the floor its mine till they earn it back (mine our young so it's help me clean your room, help me dust, that type of thing) While they love to help me, almost to the point of my insanity, my three year old ran out of clothes within a week. That morning she came to me and said "Mommy, I don't have anything to wear can I help you for a shirt, underwear and pants?" That day she and her sister (the best she could) helped me all day to earn back all their clothes and my 3 yr. old hasn't done it since, she also tells me if her sister is doing it so I can stop her in her tracks. If it worked on my little ones it will work on pre-teens and up, most won't like wearing two different shoes to school or not having their favorite shirt or pants.
  • Re: Organizing family and career
    I know how you feel, I work 40+ hours a week outside the home, too... I have two boys 10 and 13, a (new relationship) S.O., and three cats... It can be tough...

    My boys help out a lot... I created a chore list and they are paying a small allowance (5 bucks a week) for having their chores done by the time we (the SO and I) get home from work each evening-6-6:30pm.

    My eldest does the dishes, the youngest takes out the garbage and straightens up the couches. They are each responsible for their jackets, shoes, book bags, etc...

    The DSO and I trade off cooking each night, and we do the heavy cleaning together on the weekends...

    It seems to work ok. During the week, the house isn't spotless, but it's fairly tidy...

    Jeanne in PA
  • correction
    *I* am paying my kids the allowance... They aren't paying!!! LOL That's what I get for not proofreading...
  • LOL....I was fixing to ask if I could move in! All my kids do is take money...LOL they never pay me!
  • I am a single mom who works fulltime and I have two school age kids. I have a couple of suggestions that might help.
    I have written down a morning schedule, evening schedule, dinner routine and I listed SPECIFICALLY what clean your room means. I have my kids check the list because I get tired of reminding them over and over (One has ADD and the other ADHD). The lists are posted on the frig.
    I also have decided to make a routine for meals, so I have less to think about during the hectic week.
    Here is mine for now:
    Sunday- Roast (beef or chicken)
    Monday- Left overs
    Tuesday- Soup and sandwiches
    Wednesday- We eat at our church as part of family night activities
    Thursday- crockpot meal
    Friday- homemade pizza and salad
    Saturday- pasta night
    I try to throw in a load of clothes every other day to keep up with the laundry. My children are slowly learning to help out as they get older. My house is not the cleanest, but we eat well, have clean clothes and get to bed at a decent hour.
  • Wow , Thanks for the great ideas. I especially like that idea about the dinners. I have a co-worker who has trouble deciding what to make for dinner.
    I too have have a child who has ADHD. Life can be tough sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Wow I so love that idea of the box. I am gonna try this my group leaves everything out and all i do is pick up. This just might work for me.

    When god created my kids, he was just showing off