suggestions needed for a calendar/address book

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  • I use the Family Planner 2009 wall calendar by dayspring ( and the same type 2009-2010 purse calendar. I like it because the squares are larger than others that I've seen.

    For a while when I was online much more frequently I used the free calendar that came with my yahoo e-mail address. It was pretty easy to use and I could actually send myself notifications of everything from birthdays to dental appointments.

    One thing I have found over the years is to "cross-check" my calendars. Usually on Sundays I will take my calendars and make sure they match up. It's not unusual for me to make an appointment while I'm on the phone at home and write it on the wall calendar. Then when I'm out I'll make appointments and write them in my purse calendar. Every once in a while I double book. So I've just learned that I have to frequently cross-check the calendars to make sure I don't do this.

    Good luck. There are so many good calendars and calendar programs out there. Different things have worked for me at different times over the years. I think it's just a matter of trial and error.
  • ok..heres how i do it..for my main book, my black book as the kids call it..

    i use amy knapps family organizer. its got alot of things i can use to organize myself. its 2 pages per week, with one pag for the week, and one page for a huge to do list, grocery list, and 2 month calender on it. on the week side, is big places to write things out,plus a tear off part for menus.

    since i never use the menu or grocery part, i use them for adding more notes to myself. like on the todo side, i keep a running total of how much debt ive paid down, one week a month, plus all the little things i loose track numbers, or notes of things ive done. i know im not explaining it well...but i love this little calender. its great.

    i also keep a 2 yr calender in my purse for keeping note of apts for my family or things like that..then i add them to my black book calender. when i dont need that part anymore, i put the little purse calender in my black book for when i know the appts will be for the next year. that way im on top of it when the year changes. i just got the 2yr planner for cheap at the dollar store.

    anyway, that seems to work for me the best.