Little Changes, Big Results! Organizing Challenge #2

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  • Bluebird, that is quite an extensive list. You sound so organized. I usually only wash my curtains twice a year. Of course, I rarely open the windows either since it is usually too hot or too cold. So far today I've been dealing with a lot of surface clutter. It's a sunny day and dh has also caught the cleaning bug too, so I'm going to take advantage of that while I can.
  • It is a list. It gets all done a few times a year. Today I have done nothing on the list so far. When I followed a list, my house was clean and I was organized.
  • I used to follow a mental list and keep everything organized but with changes in job schedules and dh being a packrat things have gotten out of hand in the last few years. Yesterday I cleaned and organized the pantry. I also sorted through some old papers and medical bills and now have a bag full of papers to shred. A lady is supposed to pick up some magazines this week and I started another box that will eventually go to the thrift store.