Spring (summer) cleaning

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  • That site lead me to this blog...very neat
  • Boyfriend is a garbage picker~
    Well, honestly, he does find some cool stuff. We ahev 3 bagless vacuums in perfect condition. Unsure why they were thrown away. And a carpet shampooer! Works fine.

    But the real problem is the computers. He fixes them. So my family room has become storage for tons of PC's in various stages of repair. Ugh! What to do?
  • I had to smile at your boyfriends finds!! I wish that I was lucky enough to find a rug cleaner.

    We used to "curbside shop" when we lived in Pa. You wouldnt believe the things that I've found. Now that we live in NC, by the time it hits the curb, it is real garbage!

    Funny, I just mentioned to my Dh that last year at this time I hit the jackpot with Christmas stuff. One of my neighbors in Pa. threw out a small pre-lit tree--my mother talked me into giving it to her--was in perfect condition. They also threw out a tree the was made to hang flat on the wall. It has colored lights on it so my son loved it. I found those plastic fake candles--which I decorated with twine and flicker bulbs--looked so cute with my country Christmas decor.
    Also a red, wooden sleigh that I filled with homemade scented pinecones.

    I had a blast "shopping" like that!!