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bar_bar 05-31-2014 07:35 PM

Hollywood Glamour Party
Need some ideas on who to be and what to wear to this. As I will be going to a Vintage Hollywood Glamour, which means one of our favorite actress, actor, movie character.

I'm sort of leaning on going as Phyllis Dillon, but not sure.
I need some help, what would you do if you dressed up as her. Give me some tips on what to do..
also was just wondering what would you dress up as? Maybe I would like your idea better than the one I chose.

I could also dress up to the Nines, whatever that might mean.

can you give me ideas, would appreciate it. thanks.

Miss Money Penny 06-01-2014 06:54 AM

Barbar, that sounds like so much fun! That's my kind of dress-up get-together!

One thing I'd do would be to get a hold of a cigarette holder. Do you know what I'm talking about... you know those long filtered cigarette holders from the 60's? I'd outfit the holder with a real cigarette (unlit) or one of those fake ones that looks real.

I'd definitely sport a hat of some sort, heels (as high as you can tolerate), and a nice dress with a waist-belt (for class), and a fake fur stole or glamorous shawl. You'd look dashing, because you're so pretty!


Coll 06-01-2014 07:53 AM

Also a blonde wig that is kind of styled crazy. Google her and see what comes up.

bar_bar 06-03-2014 12:06 PM

thanks. Right now I am thinking of red pants that has boa on the bottom of them, and looking for a wild and crazy sparkling shirt.
I going to borrow my friend's long cigarette holder with cigarette.
I have google her and was surprized what I found. Her hair was different color and not always blonde, and at times it was short.
so I thinking of doing my reg hair coloring, and put purple tips in the hair, since this will be a red hat event, except we do not have to wear the colors since there is a theme and we can wear the costume or dress up in our colors.
My hair when I awake on most mornings can be wild looking and putting some gel in it, I can make it stick in all kinds of directions.

IF I do find a cheap blonde wig then I may take that advice and go that away.

I found a printout sheet on a pair of shoes that would be her kind, but not sure how I can make a pair of shoes using that pattern. If I can figure that out, I want to go that away.
Yet I am still looking for ideas, as this will be in Sept, and I'm wanting ideas to see if I might get more ideas to do for her.

thanks again, and if you think of anything else, please post them.

Miss Money Penny 06-04-2014 06:11 AM

Sounds like you are right on target to looking dashing in your outfit, Barbar! The sparkly skirt is a good one! A crazy pair of old glasses would be a great addition, too!

bar_bar 06-12-2014 06:47 PM

went to the goodwill store and found a pair of shoes like what she wore. SO I bite the bullet and bought them, now I am going to spray them gold. All I have to do is to come up with a shirt of some kind.
Decided I'm going to spray my hair red and purple.

Wigs are hard to find, and what I do find are expensive. but wish I could find a blond one.

thank ladies, and any other suggestion would be appreciated.

Miss Money Penny 06-12-2014 06:53 PM

I love it!!! Wish I could attend! Shucks, in not being able to find a blonde wig... but don't fret the small stuff, for you can make up for the shortfall with the other additions to your outfit.

Will keep thinking on this one.

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