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ajrsmom 09-04-2011 12:17 PM

Have you hosted a party or get-together lately? Tell us about it!
What type of party or get-together was it -- for a child, for family, for sports, graduation, family reunion...???

Did you like the way it turned out? What tips do you have to offer us? What wouldn't you do the next time?

bluebird 09-04-2011 02:13 PM

Haven't for a year. Would love to host one when we get our patios done. Don't know many people here to invite but might think about it.

bar_bar 09-05-2011 05:17 PM

I was co host of a house blessing and a surprizse birthday party.
Two of our members of our red hat society group is a mom and daughter. It was the daughter's bday but she was thinking it was just the house blessing we were doing for her and her mom.
We opened up with a ice breaker, since we invited not just our chapter members but the members of our church since we both goes to the same church.
Thinking a ice breaker would be nice.
We also had a pot luck luncheon... cake and ice tea..

I did the house blessing prayer and then they opened thier gifts.. afterwards we took the other cake which was the birthday cake out of the refrig. and the Queen said something along the line of " We couldn't forget your bday" and we all then sang HB to our pink hatter.. ( one that is under 50)
again she had no idea about this bday party.

We sat and chatted and enjoyed ourselves. Lots of fun, but the best part we fooled the birthday girl.. you could tell by her face she was surprized..

Vrsherren 09-06-2011 11:41 AM

:pumpkinsgIt's Autum and time for our Autum Tea!
This year I'm the hostess and have planned the following:
Table: cream table cloth with Fall colored printed napkins. Grandmother's glass luncheon plates with cups, and odd fancy tableware (sets from over the yrs.)
Scones,are spice pumpkin, and apple. Served with Apple butter and real butter.
Sandwiches, are cucumber cream cheese and chicken, or pineapple cheese ham and cheddar. (remove crust and cut into shapes or triangles)
Desert tray, cake bites in vanilla and chocolate and 3 kinds of cookies I haven't decided on yet.
Teas, Earl Gray, Black Pekoe, and Spiced tea.

Since I'm diabetic, it will be be diabetic friendly! Funny thing is no one can tell it's low sugar!

Coll 09-07-2011 03:16 PM

Boy would I like to come to your party.

Denahowy 09-11-2011 04:03 PM

Well, I threw my daughter a Sweet 16 party. The party was a pool party. We got a Intex swimming pool from WM this summer. So it was used for the party. I made table decorations, consisting of 2 silk flower arrangements from flowers I had one hand, and using matching glass empty Salsa jars. The arrangements had pink and blue ribbon tied around the glass vases/jars. I also put a long pink party table cloth over 2 tables and did a buffet style table. It has pink and blue streamers running down the middle of the table and a pink and blue balloon on the table too. The snacks were cheese dip, and tortilla chips, as well as potato chips. Also mini yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I made the mini cupcakes in my cupcake maker. Also we had an ice cream cake from WM. My husband wrote happy sweet sixteen and her name with icing on the cake. The girls did face painting, and jumped on our big trampoline with enclosure, as well as swam in the pool. The guests all seemed to enjoy the party and so did my daughter. The weather was perfect for the outdoor part of the party. To keep flies at bay, we had the food all indoors. Oh, I also put up pink and blue streamers hung from the ceiling and looped through the chandelier in the dining room. I also had a birthday banner I made on the front porch railing and we had pink and blue balloons tied to the mailbox outside our house. It was a lot of fun, we had a cooler for drinks and easy access to them too.

apricot 10-09-2011 10:04 PM

We go to a small church but besides the senior pastor and his wife, there are four other associate pastors and my husband also has a pastor's license and helps with technical needs of the church. Anyway, next week is a potluck for Pastor's Appreciation Day and I want to get or make something small for each of the other associate pastors. Three are married and one is an older widow in her upper 70's. Last year I gave everyone little devotional books that I had found at Ross but was thinking of doing something edible this year, just something small that they could take home. The only thing I can think of is small quick breads. Does anyone have any other suggestions for edible or non-edible gifts?

Vrsherren 10-10-2011 01:24 PM

:pumpkinsgApricot, I would find out if any have food allergies and or diabetic (etc.). Then you can start hunting recipes for each one. I did this one year and found 2 were diabetic, 1 had a nut allergy and 4 were "dieting". I made 2 diabetic friendly quick breads, 1 fudge with ut nuts ( remember to wash everything that came in contact with any nuts before starting), and 4 lite versions of a mini quick bread with listing how much a serving was and calorie count. It was so funny because those on diets wanted the fudge but with nuts. I told them they had ut in their order and I just filled it. @;-)
2 are still diabetic and 1 is still allergic to nuts, the others have removed any and all restrictions for dieting. lol

apricot 10-11-2011 09:41 AM

I usually just leave nuts out of recipes due to other issues with teeth or dentures and some people just not liking nuts. It's funny that I have a friend who is diabetic and loves chocolate. One year I gave her some store bought sugar-free chocolate and her husband told me she was disaappointed that it was sugar-free and that her doctor said she could eat a little bit of sugar.

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