I need a wedding gift idea....

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  • Hi!

    If they have a wedding invitation. I usually buy a nice frame and frame the wedding invitation. I leave room if available in the frame or buy a matching frame for the wedding picture.

    It is an unusual gift that is appreciated.
  • Wedding gift ideas
    If the couple has a yard or garden, a gardening basket with plants, etc would be nice. You could also enlist the help of your family and make a family cookbook filled with all the families favorites, have each member include special memories about the recipe...a GREAT keepsake as well.
    Another family idea is a calendar with all the family birthdays, anniversaries already filled in. Along the basket type theme, how about a cozy throw blanket, some mugs and bowls, microwave popcorn, and a gift card to alocal video store. Hope some of these ideas help! Deb
  • Type all your best recipes and personal notes about the recipes on the computer (like how many servings, how it freezes etc.) - print them out and have them photocopies and bound on nice lightweight lightcolored cardstock with a cover laminated - you can get this done at a Staples or similar stationary store for very little $$ and it is very personal and will be well used.
    The cover you can title as (eg.) 10 years of trial and error by ________....Recipes from my kitchen to yours. And then you can put some personal information on the bottom right - their name and wedding date etc. Hope this is a help. By the way - KEEP your recipes in your Word program - you will want to use it again!
  • I liked the basket of canned food and goodies that we received. They were more personal. One friend knew that we had a long drive ahead of us and packed us a beautiful roadside meal and presented it to us at breakfast. We didn't have to stop except for pee breaks. Men like that!:p
  • Another idea along the basket line is but a cooler and fill it with summer camping/picnic items.
  • If I don't know what to get for a couple I usually just get them a nice picture frame, preferably a wedding-themed one. If you look around you can get an elegant one for $10 or under and you can never have too many picture frames!
  • i used to shop at this place where they sold various glass items and they engraved for free. i bought a set for a good price - 2 wine glasses and an ice bucket. the glasses had their names on it and the bucket had The ****'s, and the wedding date.
  • AuntieKLE
    What a great idea with the wedding invitation, I certainly will have to keep that in mind when needing a gift, as it is so unique.

    I remarried last fall ( both of us were widow/widower) and one of the nicest gifts we received was a scrapbook of my family, tracing a lot of the pictures /info back to the early 1900's.
  • Wedding Gift
    I think you have up till one year to send a wedding gift. Can you knit an afghan or make a quilt? Could you crossstitch a picture with their names and the date of the wedding? How about taking some pictures at the wedding and framing one? Thoughtful gifts from the heart are so special.