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MiSuAmReSaMaDaBu 10-23-2002 02:29 AM

I'm rather new to this type of communication, hope I'm doing it right! My daughter is a military member stationed in Colorado along with her used to b fiance' (now, husband). Her new husband will soon be deployed and they made the decision to marry for financial reasons. They will get additional funds as a married couple. They plan on renewing their vows in another bigger ceremony when we all eventually get back to the states. My husband and I and other four children are stationed in Japan. We could not afford in time or money to go all the way back to the states for a civil ceremony.

Here's where I would love some ideas! My daughters new mother-in-law was so wonderful and went to a lot of trouble to make this day special for the new couple. I would like very much to get her something that would show the depth of my appreciation for all the effort she put into making my daughters' and her sons' civil ceremony wedding so very special!!

I cried that whole weekend but am okay now. Such is the life of the military family. I just received some pictures and they are truly a beautiful couple.

Thank You in advance for any ideas

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