HELP! - Surprise Christmas Wedding

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  • Why not try making an arch using poinsettia's. You can get artificial poinsettias and decorate an arch with them.

    I think taking pictures in front of the decorated trees would be fantastic.


    There are also places on-line to buy xmas stuff now... have you checked them out? If not, would you like a list?
  • Check out this thread. Shawn had some wonderful ideas lurking in the archives.
  • This site had some cute ideas. I especially like the idea of the coarse salt in a brandy sniffer with tea lights (but I just love white on white for Christmas).
  • I forgot all about the archives! I like the wreath of Kisses...I think I'll do one all in gold.

    The second site was really neat, too. Thanks, Mom2! I'm gonna go fire up the dehydrator to make the apple garland!

    Hopefully, I'll be able to make all of our decorations. I've been to a bunch of sites selling Christmas stuff, but only to figure out how to make inexpensive "copies" ;-)

    OOOOooo! I just realized I have access to a TON of pinecones! Sweet!
  • Thanks for the arch ideas, Shawn! I'm going to look into building one...birch branches maybe? Random twigs? Or maybe wrap a ready-made one with grapevine twigs and lights..... Hmmm...
  • Christmas wedding
    when I saw your post I wanted to tell you about a beautiful Christmas wedding I was in a long time ago. I don't think it will work for you since you're surprising the attendants, but maybe it will be helpful. Half oof the female attendants wore red satin gowns and the other half wore green satin gowns. We wore small white fake fur pillbox hats and carried matching muffs with red roses and redd ribbon streamers pinned to the front. Another place to get ideas would be your local library. They always have loads of Christmas craft books and if you have a craft store talk to the owner or if it's a chain one of the employees. They should have tons of ideas too. Best wishes! I think it will be a wonderful surprise for the families.
  • check garage sales for the glass ball ornanments. you can clean them out, then swirl paint on the inside, or fill with tinsile, pot pourri, or small garland.
    a little closer to fall, the craft stores start putting out their christmas stuff to give crafters a headstart. micheal's always has bell shaped plaster ornaments. you could paint one for each guest and put your names and the wedding date on it for a favor or for the stockings.
  • Don't forget the lights
    Congratulations peabiscuit! I think that a surprise Christmas wedding sounds wonderful!! One suggestion I have is to use lots of the little Christmas lights. I have them strung through my drapes in the dining room and living room -- they stay there all year long. If you hide them well, you will not notice them unless they are on. I just plug them in when I want things to look particularly festive. They give everything a nice glow... If you use enough of the little lights -- and don't forget lots and lots of candles -- it will look so romantic!

    Even though you are surprising your attendants, maybe you can come up with something that will "unify" their looks -- pretty ivy "crowns" to wear in their hair, maybe?

    Best of luck to you!
  • Thanks for all those ideas, everyone! This is just the boost that I needed!!

    The craft store had those wooden letters for 10 cents ea.

    So today I'm painting tons of them gold and hot-gluing them into "PEACE" "LOVE" and "JOY" ornaments.

    Tomorrow, I'm hitting the library!
  • My daughter makes beautiful Christmas ornaments for newlyweds. When she goes to a wedding or reception, she collects a bit of confetti used on tables, etc. If there isn't any being used she buys some. She takes the clear glass ornaments and puts wedding confetti inside the glass. On the outside she uses paint pens to write: Our First Christmas and adds the names. You could turn this around and give ornaments to the guests as special keepsakes of your wedding. You could put Christmas confetti or potpouri inside the glass ball and add names and dates.