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  • OK, I am asking all you frugal people out there for some suggestions, please! I have a cousin getting married in August, I want too give her a nice gift but don't have much money too spend. I sometimes like too give baskets filled with goodies. Which I am thinking of doing for her, but I want it too be a little nicer than for a non relative. Am I making sense? Any thoughts or suggestion?
  • A gift my cousin received was such a memorable one that I've been saving. A lady got her a canning pot, some jars and accessories for canning....and a box of all her homemade goodies that she cans with her recipees!! You could do a beautiful basket up doing jars in the pot! To make it even more special...personalize some labels at a copy store with their married name...the list is endless what you could do to make this special. Another idea is to offer to do something for the wedding...make the wishing basket....some table decorations......or offer to take pics of all the guests there and put them in an album along with personal messages from the guests!
  • If you already do crafts and could personalize something with their names. My favorite wedding gift is a cross-stich sampler my aunt made.
  • One of my favorite gift baskets would be for an italian dinner. I get a nice wicker basket, line it with a red checked table cloth or piece of fabric to use a table cloth. add a pair of placemats and napkins with nice napkin rings. Next put in a bottle of wine and 2 pretty wine glasses. Maybe add a couple of decorated plates (maybe even handpainted with their wedding date). Next add a box of spaghetti and a jar of gourmet spaghetti sauce and a container of parmesan cheese. You coule even use the napkins as to gift wrap the plates and glasses. Maybe even use the table cloth to wrap it all up.
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    I gave a wedding gift to someone a year ago that I made. I bough canisters at yard sales and resale shops and discount stores that I filled with all types of mixes. I added a cookbook with recipes for making more mixes and for using the mixes that I included. I also included recipes for other mixes that I thought the couple would like and also for using them. Add a nice set of kitchen towls, a set of wood mixing spoons and a set of rubber spatulas. Add any other type of small kitchen tool that you find in the discount store and you will have a wonderful gift to give. Pack all in a nice laundry basket and wrap in clear plastic that you can find in the craft store and add a big bow. A wonderful gift for a loved family member

    Jackie S
  • How about a large jar for the counter top (the decorative ones) filled with mixed pasta shapes/colors or mixed beans. They are so pretty to just have sitting and they can actually eat the "inards".
  • or a pretty picture frame suitable for a wedding picture. I got a friend, just the other day, a really pretty frame (at Wal-Mart) to use for a wedding photo (the background picture was of a that worked out well). It was less than $7.00 .
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    I had attended my cousin's wedding afew years ago. I was so unsure as to what to get them, so I decided that I would try to come up with something special. I went to a craft store (ie; joanne fabric,michael's,ac moore) and purchased and unfinished serving tray. Brought it to a glass store and had them cut a piece of glass to fit. Then hand painted a florial border in the tray. Took their wedding invatation and placed it into the center of the tray and placed the glass on top. She really enjoyed this.

    Another on that I had done for another cousin, was purchased a nice frame. Again brought it to a glass store and had them cut me a piece of mirror that would fit into the frame. Taking a measurement of the invatation and transfering it onto the back of the mirror. (wherever you want it to appear on the front) Purchased some gel stripper and a scrub pad. Put stripper on w/ bruch w/in your outline and let sit for 10 min or so. Then take the scrub pad and lightly remove the stripper in a circular motion. This will remove the reflective surface from the mirror. Tape the invatation to the back put into frame and your done. Unless you want to paint on the mirror side around the invatation. Hope this helps.
  • Oh, yeah! For the Italian Dinner basket, don't forget to add some candles.
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    If you want to make a basket you could always make one with a homemade wedding/photo album and then to that add some disposable cameras. So that they will have lots of memories.