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  • Oh yeah, another idea is to print personalized chocolate bar wrappers and adhere them to a candy bar and there yah go.

  • Awesome ideas everyone! Thanks for the offer Brenda! I was just talking to my dd, and last night she went to Michaels crafts just to get some ideas, and ended up buying all 20 of the table centerpices ( I havent seen them yet, but she is happy with them) they were having a 50% to 70% sale, and she just "lucked out"! Perfect colors too since its a fall wedding, she is going with, beiges,browns,peach,all she said she needs to add to the centerpieces, is different height candles (in the colors of the theme) Now for the favors, Im loving all the ideas though, a friend of mine just emailed a cute idea as well, for favors, I cant remember the exact wording but you attach a note(you can print it out or write it by hand on blank little tags that says Kisses from the Mr and Mrs and you put 2 Hershey kisses in a plastic spoon, tie the tulle around it with ribbon, and flower, also would be a fun thing for my 2 gds to help do, they love getting involed.
    Brenda I know exactly what you mean about as soon as they here the "W" word the price goes up, lol.
  • Sandieluvsbears, I am glad that you are getting such great ideas. Hope everything turns out great. Hope to hear when everything is all done.
  • Here is what we did. We used the netting and wrapped up a Hershey's Hugs and 2 Hershey's kisses. We attached to them the saying, "A great big hug and two little kisses from the new Mr. and Mrs." Very simple and not too costly.