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Abear 05-04-2005 02:04 PM

Wedding Planning Tips
It finally happened.....DD is engaged! I am getting a son-in-law! ^^ ^^

I am so happy...he is already a part of our family as far as I am concerned!

Although they have not yet been able to set a date (he had to go back to work off-shore so they hope to get a date set when he returns), DD has been starting to look at bridal gowns, flowers and is trying to decide who her attendants will be.

Amanda was very timely with the following newsletter : :clapp:

Frugality Corner: Wedding on a Budget

However, DD and I are already feeling the stress of plannning a wedding. I am very adamant that DD & DDF will make ALL the decisions regarding the wedding as it is THEIR day and not mine. I will offer my opinion and or advice if asked but will not push my choices or selections like I have seen so many brides' mothers do.

Although Amanda gave lots of useful tips in the newsletter, I was wondering of anyone had any other tips......I am thinking that the more tips, etc... that I can get to help DD, the less stress we will all feel. (I had my first panic attack over the wedding just yesterday!)

Also, DD has her heart set on an outdoor wedding. Actually, when we lived in Texas, she had dreamed of getting married on the beach. Anyway, we are having a hard time finding a place to hold an outdoor wedding that doesn't charge an arm & a leg to have it there. We have only found three places...listed under "Weddings" in the phone book. Surely, there has to be more places. Does anyone know how we can track them down?? Other words to use in trying to find them in the phone book?

Any & all help will be greatly appreciated.

sheilanfl 05-10-2005 09:17 AM

Congrats! We too are having a wedding in June except ours is being done on boats in the Gulf of Mexico :-D Contact the Tourist Development Council TDC, Parks and Recreations (?) etc from the area in which they want to be married in. It is mainly a first come first serve and for us here in our county there isn't a charge, for certain parks and minimal for others, check the local goverment for information,

cau 05-10-2005 09:54 AM

My DD sprang something similar on us. We had it in our yard. we cleaned out the garage and used plastic rolls to cover the walls,and ordered a large tent and tables & chairs. we had it catered and served buffet of hot dishes. We had the food & bar set up in the garage. we hired a bartender& waiteress. The bartender made sure their was ice and glasses & let us know if their were any problems . We only served iced tea, beer, wine & pop. The waitress keep the food filled and cleaned up & put it all away. Their cost was well worth it as it allowed me to visit with our friends. We had family that provided the music & we talked to all our neighbors & made sure they were ok with it. We had a great time , put it together in about 5 weeks and didn't spend that much. cau:party:

reading51 05-13-2005 06:52 PM

My DD just got engaged on Mother's Day!! Unfortunately, she is not going the budget route!! LOL So far, she is wanting 6 attendants!! She did tell me about a website called It has everything you can think of and then some! It has budgets, lists, who pays, etiquette, etc. etc. It really has some good information. You register but it is free.

VicRae 05-13-2005 11:04 PM

Congrats! Abear

I just had my oldest daughter get married April 2nd and the middle daughter was married last October 9th, 2004. Depending on how big or small you want the wedding to be would be the best place to start.
Then if you city has a website go there and see if they have a listing for the parks and recreation areas that hey are willing ot rent out. My Last daughter had her weding in one of the city buildings. The final cost was $30.00 for the whole day. She wanted it in the park, but with the weather still in the winter months she finally had it inside. Between his mom and us, they had buffet type of reception. We ordered 2 half sheet cakes and had them decorated with a flower and ribbon of frosting on the edges. Then ordered a small 6" two layer and an 8" two layer for the tiered cake and stacked it our selves. It had some artifical flowers for the top and around the middle. Turned out really nice.

Here are a couple of site I found while looking for things online for their weddings. Somethings you can make yourselves if you have the time. And both my daughters made their invitations on the computer to save on the costs of getting them printed.


ditzy46 05-14-2005 05:52 PM

Congrats Abear
Have you checked out any of your national or state parks or government buildings? Some charge minimal or nothing to use their facilities. What about the beach? Do you live near the ocean?
You can get married for free on the beach.

You can also register @ This is a fantastic website from a woman named Stephi Stewart who sends you tips on how to save you thousands of dollars on your wedding costs.
She shares all her secrets how she saved over 10,000 dollars off of her own wedding. This is a must get site. She also has where you can save a lot of money from other brides wedding stuff that they are selling cheap. Just check it'll be glad you did.
I hope this helps you out .
Mother of the bride to be May 22 of this year

shesmom 05-14-2005 07:06 PM

Happy ever-after!!!!
Try Golf Courses!

We had a graduation party for my daughter - which I know is not a wedding, but they told us that people had used it for that.


There are often places at a golf course other than tees and greens, and they are BEAUTIFULLY manicured - you don't expect guys to play in mud, do you? LOL!!!! They also usually have terraces or decks connected to function type rooms, so you have that as extra space, or you can use that for the ceremony. At first, the weather didn't cooperate, and it was raining when we got there, but then later the sun came out. If it does begin to sprinkle, you can go inside for the reception...

What is her favorite 'place'?
Beaches are nice depending on the season.
A local farm usually will let you use some of their field that is not planted.
Soccer field?
Football field?
Local Marina?
Local park or in Boston we have the Boston Botannical Garden - lots of people get married there.
A local rose garden or an estate sometimes let you use the grounds.
What about the local residence of the head of a church diocese. Their 'estates' are enormous and usually will allow the ceremony to take place there with a few witnesses.

Don't think about what is listed, think about where she can have pictures done at the same time. Or what her favorite scenic vista is. Or what she would like for a memory. It will be better if you can think of something unique instead of something that someone else has 'set up' for weddings.

Happy ever after to your princess and her prince!

dnjkilbey 05-14-2005 09:15 PM

Frugal wedding ideas!
I have been married for 5 1/2 years and have just a couple of frugal tips!

DH has done wedding cakes before which can be extremely expensive. A good tip is, if your cake is going to be layered, have the bottom layers all styrofoam and the top layer an actual cake. The styrofoam can be decorated and nobody will ever have to know they are not real. Because they take the cake somewhere else to cut it up, order sheet cakes for that. So the bride and groom can cut the "real" cake which is just the top and the the guests are served sheet cakes. It is also a better guarantee that the cake won't spill or **** during delivery to the event. The frosting sticks better to the styrofoam.
Also, when we did our flowers for the wedding we lucked out with finding someone who did it as a hobby. We had all of our flowers done for under $100.
Best of luck!!!

cau 05-15-2005 08:22 AM

Check out your local grocery storeif they have a floral dept. We used the neightborhood Jewel. The flowers were beautiful & the women was great. Helped us pick out flowers thta were in season so they were inexpensive. We had to pick them up but the savings were worth it. cau:party:

ditzy46 05-15-2005 06:43 PM

I thank you shesmom for you good wishes. My daughter was going to get married outdoors but changed her mind early in the planning because our weather is so unpredictable. She will have the reception at the Old Historic Courthouse ...they have remodeled it and it is beautiful. Oh and by the way...we both have the same name

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