Fabulous wedding gift idea!

  • My closest friend got married so, instead of cash or something to collect dust, I gave her and her husband a bottle of the best champagne that I could afford in a beautiful bottle box. I attached a note that said that it was to opened on their 25th wedding anniversary. She loved it! I asked at the liquor store to find out what kind of champagne would last for 25 years and got great advice. It only cost me around $40. I've also heard the idea that you give 3 bottles: 1 for the honeymoon, 1 for the 1st anniversary and one for the 25th. They were flying to CA for their honeymoon so the first was not practical. Also, a little too expensive for me but a great idea!
  • Thant is such a great idea! I love it. I wish someone did that for me!
  • janieb

    I think that was a great idea too.

  • What ideas have you done that worked like this?