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2-Beady-Eyes 07-22-2003 05:00 PM

Our Second Year Anniversary!
I just thought I'd share....

We just had our anniversary yesterday! It sucked!! lol. Both of us were in a bad mood ALL DAY, and griping and fighting with each other. Neither of us knew what we wanted to do to celebrate, and it was getting time to decide. MIL let us borrow her van to go out, and babysat the kids. It was nice to get away from them for a little bit (it's been soooo long since we've been out without them... -I think it was our last (First) anniversary!)

He wanted to try a new resteraunt, and I have been there before but didn't like the atmosphere, but I figured what the heck... we'll give it a shot. We went, and DH was excited, but I just couldn't muster any enthusiasm. They didn't have anything I wanted to eat, and I really didn't like the atmosphere there at all. So we just paid for our drinks, and left.

We went to the resteraunt that we both call "our" resteraunt. It's where we went on our wedding night... it's a family resteraunt, and very laid back and relaxed. I was able to enjoy myself, and the (huge) meal I ordered. It was nice.

Then after that, we went back and got the kids, and MIL gave us a ride back home. Then we kinda resumed the part that sucked... :0( It was fighting, and arguing, and feeling too full to relax, and not sleeping.... it was a rough day yesterday, and last night.

But the important part is that we still love each other this morning, and we're glad we've only been married two years - it means we get to spend the rest of our lives together... We both know if we can survive this past week, we can survive the years ahead of us. :0)

#3 EDD 1/11/04

BTW... when we went out to our resteraunt, we talked about when we went there on our wedding night. I got sick halfway through the meal and we went home (the first time)... Anthony looked at me and smiled. "You were pregnant then too." He said. (Although we didn't know at the time.) --I started to get too full, and started to feel slightly sick, but I didn't say anything because there was no way we were going to cut it short (this time). :0) :0) :0)

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