Anniversary Party Ideas Needed!

  • I have a question for all my sisters,couldn't find it any where else. Dh and I are renewing our vows on 7-25-09.This is our 20th ann. We are using our Church and having a small reception after. My question is what should I wear. We're inviting about 30to 40 people. My colors are a deep purple table cloths and hot pink plastic glasses.Help Please
  • Joyce, I'm sorry I've not answer sooner.. I would want either a creme color outfit with purple and pink as my color.
    Or I would wear purple..
    this is something you can dress up to make it formal or dress down to make it casual.
    it left up to you really in my opinion.

    What does he like you in, dress or pants?
    what are you more comfortable in dress or pants?
    make yourself feel good in what you are more comfortable in..
    Make yourself look charming, beautiful, just as if you were the bride but can be more casual.

    Do you still have your wedding dress? If so and that fits you could even wear that. I've seen coupls do that..

    John and I was going to re-new our vows when we got to our 25th... and next yr we would of..

    wishing you the very best and congrulations on 20th anniv.... May GOD go with you for many yrs...
    Let us know what you did and show pixs.. Ok.


  • I agree with Bar Bar, go with what you feel like. Casual? Formal? Do you feel like dressing up in a long formal, whatever color you want. If you want casual so you can wear the dress again, do that. As for color what are you in the mood for? White, cream, pale pink, bright plum?
  • As Bar Bar and Bluebird pointed out the choice(s) are really up to your wants and needs. A twist on your wedding gown though... you could always have it dyed a hint of purple or light pink if you prefer and if it still fits. If you decide on a pant suit or evening gown you could dress in light colors and ad a sash of cream or visa versa.
    Another question is what does your DH want to wear - be fair he may just wan to go with Jeans and a pollo shirt in which case you could do something similar. However if this is your first "big" affair for your wedding and you are trying to go out and keep it simple, I suggest a cream dress with the guys in a purple tie/cumber bun and have the pink accent in your bouquet
  • great information on this post. Very useful . Thanks !
  • We probably won't do much for our 28th (this year) or 29th (next year) but was hoping to do something for our 30th. (2012).
    Since money will probably be a big problem even two years from now, I was thinking of just having a nice dinner get together with my maid of honor, bridesmaid and flower and their husbands, the best man, and groomsmen and their wives. And my dad and dh's sister. Of course our children and spouses as well.
    So how do I go about inviting one of the groomsmen who we haven't spoken to in about 20 years. You know how that goes, you lose contact.
    We never had a reception so I want this to be special. Plus the fact that everyone, including the two of us said we'd never make it past a couple of years.