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  • Most 50 yr. anniv. you state on the invitation that your presence is your gift. But most people will bring something small or dinner gift cards. For my aunt and uncle's 50th my sister painted their house, it was beautiful. I gave them a card with a story of back when. She was soo touched she looked at me with thanks and a tear in her eye. I have money that I could have bought her a gift but that was the best gift I could have given.
    I think it would be tacky to register, but only my opinion. If my parents would have made it to 50 we would have asked for everyone to bring on a note card a special story that they remembered about Mom and Dad. If Dad is still with us on their 50th I am thinking of getting ahold of everyone and asking them to send him a card with their special story on it.
  • When my inlaws had their 50th it was printed no gifts please, however we enclosed a note asking they send in a memory or any pictures that could be included in a book we made them. Many people did and the book turned out wonderful! My mil still has it out on her coffee table! Its a great read.
  • Quote: We are giving my parents a 50th wedding anniversary party with about 175 guests. Is it proper for them to register for gifts and print where on invitations?
    Thanks, Angela
    I cannot imagine that after 50 years they would need to register for more dishes or household items. For weddings or anniversaries I prefer to give a nice card with money or a dinner gift certificate. I've been to some where they had a money tree and that worked well. If there is one large item they need or a vacation they would like to go on, you could mention that so the guests know what they are contributing to.
  • When my grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversary they were given *lots* of "50th anniversary" things, and many wedding type presents. They had way too many things, (appliances, towels, dishes, etc.) and no place to store them. Most of the gifts were returned to the stores. Those that could not be returned were given to the kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, and charity.

    It was very hard on them to return the presents, but their home was already over crowded after 50 yrs of anniversary presents let alone 70+ yrs of birthday and Christmas presents!

    A memory book is a wonderful idea. Everyone has room for memories.

    Love & Prayers,
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary
    Are you sure that they want presents, my grandparents after 50 years had everything they needed and more. Mostly they receive little what nots that are just dust collectors so we all jointly made the decision to ask for no gifts, if you want to give to give a donation to a charity of their choice in lieu of gifts. Some people will still bring presents, they still got about 10 photo albums, 5 50th wedding anniv. what-nots (plates, bells, candles, etc...) We did a book of memories for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Myself (grandchild) and the children went together and gave them a honeymoon back to where their original honeymoon was as a surprize, and we had their clothes packed and hid in the trunk of their car for the send-off. Good luck!
  • No presents just your presence!
    When we had my parents 50th anniversary party we asked that the guests not bring gifts. We had a "Then & Now" photograph in a large frame with a large white matting around it and had all the guests write a personal note to my parents on it. Turned out beautiful! (We had the picture set out on a table with black pens)

    Hope this helps!

  • I posted earlier, as my parents have a 50th coming up, and as I said "no gifts" ,but I love one idea someone just posted about before and after pictures and having everyone write something, I also just found out one of my uncles is taking all my parents 8mm home movies from their wedding and putting them on cd, which I know they will LOVE, I agree though that after 50 years what more do you need in the way of things, I have enough trouble on theiir birthdays, and usually we get them a GC for a restaurant.
  • Video For 50th Wedding Anniversay
    If your family does not have films you can also take photos and have them put on a DVD or video to music to record history, this is neat to have playing for guests to watch and reminense about the good old days. We did this and it means even more now that my grandmother is deceased, we each treasure this movie of her life and love. Check in your town for a store near you that does this, it is not that expensive it is according to how many different photos you use.
  • Now Im wondering if he told me it was a cd or dvd, he had the 8mm movies put on, I bet it was dvd,lol, (you can tell Im not a "tech" geek) anyhow here is a link in case anyone is interested about this.
  • My mil is having all her old films put on disk and my kids love to watch the movies of their dad when he was little.