Do you ring in the new year with adults and/or kids?

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  • Will it be an adult celebration this year or do you spend time with your kids and family?

    Snuggled together, just you and your significant other?


    This year will be different for us. My Dh will be working 2nd shift so he will probably make it home around 11:45 pm....just in time to ring in the new year with me. Im planning on it being just the two of us.
  • Before we had children we would get together at our friends who already had children! Now we just stay at home. I dont want to be out with the whole family that late at night. You never know what crazies could be on the road.
    We make appetizers and eat those all night, instead of a regualar dinner. Then at midnight we watch Dick Clarks rocking Eve. To bad he wont be there this year! I hope Regis does well!!!
  • We have friends who own a farm and gather loose logs and firewood from their property all year and build a huge pile. On New Years Eve a bunch of families get together and we have a bonfire. We roast marshmallows and weiners. We set off fireworks. The kids go for snowmobile rides and just have fun playing in the snow. We never last till midnight because of the cold but it is always a fun family night. I would not trade it. This will be our 5th year.

  • Debbie, That sounds like a super tradition.

    Lee, We usually stick close at home too. All of the crazies out on the road....dont need that!

    Tonight my DH is working. He should be coming in the door around 11:45 pm. I'll be waiting for him DD is in bed and DS is a Grandma's house.......

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!


  • I guess I am a little late on this one!

    But, oldest DD spent the night at a friends house. DS spent the evening at a friend's house until about 1:00AM. All that was home here was DH, myself, DD#2 and DD#3 DD#2 did have a friend spend the night.

    This was the first year that I didn't have all my kids home with me for the New Year!
  • Well, My night didnt turn out as planned. I got a phone call from my DS right at midnight saying that he wanted to come home because he missed us. He's at that iffy stage now when one time he will stay with no problems and the next doesnt go off as planned.

    So...... at 12:01 I was getting dressed to go pick him up. Thank goodness Grandma doesnt live but 7 minutes away from us.

    Im glad that we were all safe and sound under one roof.

  • We have always made New Year's Eve a family gathering. We have munches, play games and at midnight, set off fireworks & make as much noise as possible. It won't be too long before it will just be my DH and myself.
  • We are invited as a family to celebrate with friends. There will be lots of appetizers, snacks, and board games to play. At midnight they will have fireworks.
  • Tonight it will be our family here together.

    We live in an apartment complex, though, so anything could happen!
  • It'll be us and the kids here at home again this year. The town next to us is having a "night out" outdoor family celebration with fireworks but since it is supposed to be really cold tomorrow night, we've decided to stay in...and then walk out on our back patio to watch the fireworks at midnight.