Masons and Eastern Stars

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  • Hope this is a good place to put this post...had a hard time deciding where it fit in...

    My son is a Mason and my DH has applied also and should hear if he is accepted by the end of April. I know very little about this organization--I do know that the female version is called Eastern Stars. I'd like to know a bit about what to expect....

    Is anyone out there a member of the Eastern Stars or have a family member in the Masons???

  • K, I moved the thread here so it might be easier for others to find.

    Hope you find the information you're looking for!
  • Are Rainbow Girls part of this or is that a DAR thing?
  • I've never heard of the Rainbow Girls with Masons or Eastern Stars but then again...I really don't know that much about them....

    PS--thanks Barbszy--like I said--wasn't sure to put it!!
  • Not 100 percent sure but I do believe that the rainbow girls are a part of the Masons.. as I went to a school with a girl that belong to the rainbows and I believe her dad was a mason.
    I know they it seems, or the ones that I've know that was a Eastern Star which was my grandmother and had another friend that her husband was a mason, things seems to be kept more hush hush..
    I never could find out anything about them as I was thinking once to try to join the Eastern Star due to my grandmother being in it, but never could find anything out.

    the best of success in trying to find something out.
  • Just for an FYI--I was curious so I "googled it"-(man I love google!!)

    What are Rainbow Girls???

    The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a junior organization for girls BETWEEN the ages of 11 and 20, from Masonic, Eastern Star, Amaranth homes, and the friends of members of Rainbow girls. At the age of 20, or upon marriage, whichever occurs first, girls who are members in good standing are eligible for Majority Membership. A girl must be sponsored by two other girls who are either active members in good standing or a majority member, and at least one adult whom must be a member in good standing of either the Masonic Lodge, Order of the Eastern Star, or Order of the Amaranth.

    So now we know..........
  • Rainbows go with the Mason's, so do the Job's Daughters and the Demolay. DeMolay is for boys.
    They are all sort of a secret society, but there is nothing harmful in any of it. My husbnad and my father are both Mason's. DD#1 is a Majority Member of the International Order of Job's Daughters (aka Jobie's).
    I can't really explain it but it teaches young girls the importance of doing for others such as fund raising, etc.

    I was interested in joing the Eastern Stars but gave up the idea when Miriam decided to come along and then Maddie. No time for anything.

  • Thanks for the info Coll...I wonder if my middle son who's 16 might be interested in the demolay??? He enjoys helping others and has a very good work ethic for something like that. Guess I'll need to wait until DH joins to get more info....

    I can see how you don't have much time!!! I had dear friends that were masons/northern stars. He was a Shriner Clown and she went up to the highest level of some sort--in charge of a group or something like that??? They were in it for MANY years.
  • Is this like the Society of Odd Fellows? We have a large chapter in town.
  • My Grandfather was, FIL & Husband are Mason's (in DH's family there are also 2 uncles, 2 cousins, and his brother & 2) 2nd cousins are in the process of joining) and my MIL is an Eastern Star (I assume my Grandmother was as well but she died 30 yrs ago). I'm involved in the Commandery Ladies Auxiallary but haven't got the time right now to join Eastern Star with 2 little ones at home and having to watch my MIL in the evenings that FIL is at meetings as she can't be left alone.

    Shriners are Masons which is one of the many branches that the men can in addition to Blue Lodge (the main Mason group) then there is Chapter, Council, Commandery (big white feather hats), York Rights, Scottish Rights and probably one or two others that I'm forgetting.