High School Musical DVD Game

  • Got What It Takes to be a Wildcat?

    High School Musical DVD Game Packed with 11 All New Interactive Activities AND features songs from High School Musical 3

    Available Just in Time for the Holidays on November 18, 2008

    Burbank, Calif., September 22, 2008 – Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment invites High School Musical fans to join the East High Wildcats for an unforgettable senior year with the High School Musical DVD Game, in stores November 18! Prepare for graduation and beyond with fast-paced, upbeat interactive games that require only a DVD player and a remote control to play—and you can find it in the DVD section! With songs from the all new High School Musical 3, the High School Musical DVD Game is this season’s must-have holiday gift for out-of-your-seat family entertainment.

    Filled with tons of clips, questions, pictures, sing-alongs, dance routines and more, the High School Musical DVD Game will have fans out of their seats and singing, dancing and acting alongside their favorite stars, including Zac Efron, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel and Monique Coleman.

    Far more than a trivia game, the High School Musical DVD Game is jam-packed with 11 interactive experiences that allow players to sing along with favorite tunes (including two original High School Musical 3 songs), compete in a dance off by learning new routines with friends, and test their High School Musical knowledge with hundreds of questions about all three movies. Later, they can help the Wildcats slam-dunk their way to the championship or take the Career Finder Quiz.

    Sure to be the highlight of any slumber party or holiday gathering, the High School Musical DVD Game can be played by a single player, one to four multiple players or two teams of two or more players. And unlike games that require costly equipment to play, the High School Musical DVD Game requires only a DVD player and a remote control.

    • East High Graduation Challenge – Win a diploma from the coolest school in town! Shoot
    hoops, demonstrate your memory skills, and take part in the pep rally! Just answer 20 trivia
    questions based on clips, pictures, and quotes for the HSM movies!
    • Center Stage - Sing along to tunes from HSM 1, 2, AND 3! There’s no scoring in this game.
    • Prom Night – Time to learn some awesome new dance moves. Martha will guide you through every step of eight High School Musical Dance routines!
    • Career Finder Quiz – Let the career counselor help you find a fabulous future! Choose one of
    four just-for-fun quizzes!
    • Yearbook Memory Game – Demonstrate your memory skills!
    • Vocab Test – Test your word power by describing something related to High School Musical to your team – without using three key words!
    • Art Class – Grab a pencil and paper and draw pictures related to the High School Musical
    movies. Your team has to guess what it is before time runs out.
    • Drama Class – In this game players must act out the subject without speaking, while others try to guess what they are expressing!
    • BFFs – Think you know all there is to know about your friends? Guess the answers your friends would give to five multiple-choice questions!
    • Pep Rally – Show you’re a wizard with words! When your subject’s revealed, (e.g. types of
    sandwiches), start clapping to the beat. When it’s your turn, shout out your answer!
    • Wildcats Try Outs – Show you’re a real hotshot! Shoot as many baskets as you can from three distances in the East High gym.