The Hannah Montana DVD Game

  • Rock Star Dreams Do Come True!

    The Hannah Montana DVD Game

    Hours of Fun for Single and Multiple Players with 11 All New Interactive Singing, Dancing and Acting Games—and Much More!

    Coming November 18, 2008

    Burbank, Calif., September 22, 2008—Now the whole family can experience the “Best of Both Worlds” with the new Hannah Montana DVD Game, in stores on November 18, 2008 from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. This unique interactive experience is packed with hundreds of exciting options to pump up the party and have everyone on their feet for a singing and dancing event like no other. Best of all, a DVD player and a remote control are all that are needed to enjoy this year’s perfect holiday gift!

    Find out what it really feels like to live the rock star life with eleven new interactive games sure to provide fun for the entire family. Guaranteed to get the festivities rolling, the Hannah Montana DVD Game allows fans to play as their favorite Hannah characters as they take center stage at a virtual Hannah Montana concert with “Pop Star, audition for Hannah’s band in the “Band Audition” drum game, learn the hottest new dance moves in “Dance Off” and re-live all the most memorable moments from the series with clips, pictures, trivia games and puzzles. BFFs will want to take the friendship quiz to find out if they are True Friends, or use the Party Play option to tackle team games like charades, as well as drawing and describing puzzles.

    This unique interactive game will have everyone singing, dancing, drawing and acting for hours on end.

    Equally enjoyable for single players, one to four multiple players, or two teams of two or more, the Hannah Montana DVD Game is sure to become a slumber party staple, providing a unique playing experience and plenty of memorable moments time and again. Plus, it’s easy to play and requires no special equipment—just a DVD player and a remote control for hours of great family entertainment!

    • Hannah Montana Trivia Challenge – Test your Hannah Montana knowledge. Answer 20
    multiple-choice questions based on clips, pictures, and quotes from the Hannah Montana show.
    • Pop Star – This game contains seven amazing sing-along songs from Hannah Montana. Just
    choose your song and follow the lyrics as they appear on screen.
    • Dance Off – Time to learn some new dance moves! This game contains eight of your favorite Hannah Montana songs to dance to!
    • Personality Quiz – Which character are you like? Heading for the life of a rock star – or a
    celebutante? Which school group to you fit into? Find out by answering 10 multiple-choice
    questions about yourself.
    • Seeing Stars Memory Game – Demonstrate your dazzling memory skills! Quickly memorize the location of all the characters from the Hannah Montana show. When time’s up, the faces disappear – and you have to put them back in their proper order!
    • Say Whaat?! – Test your word power by describing something related to Hannah Montana to your team without using three key words!
    • Art Class – Grab a pencil and paper and draw pictures related to Hannah Montana. Your team
    has to guess before time runs out!
    • Hellooo Drama! – Use your acting skills to describe a subject to your teammates without saying a single word!
    • True Friend – Think you know all there is to know about your BFF? Guess the answers your
    friend would give to five multiple-choice questions!
    • Keep the Beat – Show you’re a wizard with words! When your subject’s revealed, (e.g. types of shoes), start clapping to the beat. When it’s your turn, shout out your answer!
    • Band Audition – Show you’ve got what it takes to play in Hannah’s band! Memorize a drum pattern and then play it back using your remote! The pattern builds until you or another player messes up!