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augustamom 03-23-2003 02:37 PM

identity theft
Has anyone delt with identity theft who could give us advice?
Several months ago someone applied for a phone card in my husbands name and ran up $2,000 we got it cleared. Just this past week a lawyer in Florida has sent us a letter stating a law suit against my husband for an accident. The accident did not happen to my husband. But a person impersonating my husband driving a toyta we don't own. But has been registered in my husbands name. This imposter showed a driver's licence having my husbands identifing information. Right off the bat we got our credit report but there is nothing unusual on it. They are threatening to suspend my husbands license, This would be devasting since his job requires driving a company vehicle .How do we begin to get back his identity? How do we prove that we don't own this Toyta truck and that he was not driving. How do we track down the person responsible? PLEASE help!!!!!! jenni

Darla253 04-03-2003 12:32 PM

Hi Jenni
It's hard to prove who you're "not." I had my purse stolen about ten years ago and they got some charge cards in my name and even used the ones that were in my purse. Also rented an apartment and had utilities turned on in my name and of course all the bills were left being owed so I was tracked down. Then the IRS contacted me because of a contruction job 1099 that I owed for. I'm not one to do construction, I sit behind a desk. Ha.

In your case I'd start out with filing a report to your Attorney Generals office and the Attorney General in the state where the accident happened. If it was a car wreck then the other person will know what the man looked like that was in the other car, get the attorney to give you the license plate number on the toyota and and run a check. You can also sign up with and for around $20 you can do a search under the license plate number, drivers liscense number, name, etc. That's how I found the people using my name. I also had to get all the records showing where I lived at the time, worked, bank records and all so that there showed activity on the dates that other things were happening in the other state. It's a nightmare and some people never get thier name cleared but I got lucky and wouldn't stop. If your husband can show proof he can get a new drivers license number and social security number and I did that after filing a report with the police department. Best of luck to you.

janet 04-03-2003 03:00 PM

A word of caution here ladies, protect your SS# for yourself, not let them use it as an ID #...that is NOT what is suppose to be.


Darla253 04-03-2003 03:20 PM

SS#'s are used almost everywhere now for some reason. Apply for a job and they want your number and copy of your card, go to the doctor, they want your number. It seems like they all want it and I use to not carry mine with me but even at my bank there are certain tellers that don't know me and want to see my ss card. It's just another one of those things that people seem to want to steal. We can't keep anything safe anymore. You can go on the computer and find ss#'s on people. It's been made too easy.

janet 04-03-2003 03:43 PM

Darla, this is true...banks, schools, drs offices want your SS# I just DON'T give it...they can have my drivers license # or make up a # but I sons was stolen from school....I NO longer give it is a nightmare getting all the stuff straightened out...and the bad news is...the honest people have to do ALL the work! We have to prove it is our # .

I remember when our license # was our SS# not anymore...even IRS doesn't put your SS# on their labels.

This is just my views...but then we were burnt once...:eek:

sheeba 04-03-2003 04:29 PM

augustamom-i JUST saw on dan rather not more than 1/2 hour ago about a couple who was going thru identity theft. they were getting help thru something called "identity theft resource center." CBS didn't give a contact for this organization-but maybe if you searched CBS evening news or did a web search you could contact them. good luck!

Darla253 04-03-2003 06:45 PM

Hi Janet
I do the same thing. If I'm at a doctors office and they demand I give them my ss# I make one up. Did you know it's illegal to do that though. LOL! I don't care, just don't think we should "have" to give it out. I agree with you, once you've been through it you do learn and you do whatever to make sure it doesn't happen again.

janet 04-03-2003 07:09 PM

Darla, I don't make the # up...I ask them to give me a #...usually what they can do is put in all 000-00-0000's, now once you are in the system..there is nothing you can do...hopefully all their trash is shredded for numbers should be written down on a scrap of paper for them to enter in the computer later... they also can put # on there are ways to help people but they like the SS#....

Another thing we do is get our credit report....have a fraud alert put on it and no one can open an account for you without calling you first, and they have to ask a special question.

Too bad things are getting worse now, instead of better, we just have to try and protect what you have earned...a good credit rating.

There are alot of new laws in place now to address the crime of identity there is help is just slow moving.

:heart: janet

Darla253 04-04-2003 03:52 AM

Hi Janet
I'm glad you mentioned the fraud alert on the credit report. Do you realize that during the time I was going through everything not one person told me about that. I'm going to order a credit report today and do that just to be safe. Thanks.

janet 04-04-2003 04:14 AM

Darla, I don't know why they don't tell more people on how to protect themselves..I hated when we would get a ton of credit card offers to our home...with different variations on our name or address....I called each company...(toll-free) and told them to put me on the list, not to send me anything. If they said they didn't know how to do it...I mentioned the Attorney General of our State could help. lol There are rules they HAVE to follow.

The fraud alert is for 6 months...then you can do it keeps all the credit card offers from coming into your mail too. Do one for yourself and then one for your hubby, if you have one. It is easy, and is done over the phone. There are 3 major credit companies...

John Walsh(missing children network) has a site on identity theft too. check it out.

Keep safe,

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