identity theft

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  • Julie, make sure you find Trainlady and surprise

    She will get a kick out of seeing you here..

    Thank your hubby for getting you back online!

    Hugs, Janet
  • go to this site to opt out of all those prescreened credit card offers that you get in the mail. You can do a 5yr term online or permanent by mailing out the info that you fill out online.

    There's also an 800 or 888 number printed on the back of most credit card offers (in the fine print) that will take you off those pre-approved lists. I did that a couple years ago and now the only ones I get are ones associated with the banks I do biz with.

    also, get your free copy of your credit report 1x a year from
    it's quick and easy. You get a copy from each of the reporting agencies 1x a year. I spread out my requests rather than request all 3 at once.

    I also make good use of a paper shredder and recommend that everyone does the same. It's amazing the number of people that go thru trash.