Coin Collection

  • Any coin collectioners out there? If so maybe you can suggest on how to clean a coin. Found a very old coin and can tell it is a USA coin but I don't remember this one.
    It looks like someone is dancing, it has a eagle on the back side.
    any suggestion what date this could be?

    Just wondering if anyone collects coins?
    how do you find out how much coins are worth?

    I have several from my real dad and would like to find out it's worth.

  • I don't collect them but have several of them in my jewlery box. I am hoping for answers here as well as you.
  • The coin I have in question, I've been soaking it and have got alot of the whatever it was off of it. Have discover it a 1842 coin,
    dh thinks it liberty as we can make out a ty as it circle around would could be liberty.

    Eagle on the other side. still soaking it to see if we can get more stuff off.

    so anyone else that collects coins how do you clean them?
  • Here is an article on how to safely clean old coins.

    This link has more hints as well as a link in the article to a coin price guide.
  • I know that on pennies that ketchup works great on getting the corrosion off of them. In fact it also works great on copper bottom pans too.

    I also collect rocks and the two things that I have found work well for cleaning them up, but aren't too harsh are: 1) a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Put the baking soda and whatever you are cleaning in the dish first and then pour the vinegar over it. It will foam but is not dangerous in any way. 2) Denture tablets work really well also. 3) I also found a new one for silver the other day - get a container that will hold whatever you want to clean. Put a piece of aluminum foil in the bottom of the contain. Pour in enough HOT water to cover the object. Then sprinkle regular table salt into the hot water. It is amazing to watch it come clean.

    So those are all of my wise ideas.
  • Thank you. I will try and see which will work.
    thanks for the link too, Barbz.