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goodwill7148 11-23-2007 11:33 PM

Identity Theft Prevention Tips
Hello everyone,

Here are very important Identity theft prevention tips... :)

Never give your credit card number, social security number, or other personal information over the phone, email or internet unless you are sure of the other person's identity.

Carry only the identification information and the number of credit and debit cards that you'll really need.

Do not carry your SSN card and keep your personal information in your home secure, particularly if you have roommates, employ outside help or are having service work done in your home.

Another identity theft protection tip is to guard your Social Security Number. It can be used to open new accounts, credit cards, or even get a job in your name.

Pick up bank checks from the bank rather than through mail.

You should be cautious while responding to promotions.

Ask about information security procedures in your workplace or at businesses, doctor's offices, or other institutions that collect personally identifying information from you.

Monitor your credit reports frequently. And also examine the charges on your credit card and bank statements.

Do not print your Social Security or Driver's License number on you checks.

Cancel unused credit card accounts.

To prevent identity they don't open files that are from strangers.

Remove your name from the marketing lists of the three credit bureaus to reduce the number of pre-approved credit offers you receive.

Make copies of the items in your wallet; in case your wallet or purse is stolen.

To prevent identity theft, do not leave mail with personal information in your mailbox.

Install a firewall and antivirus software on your computer and protect your personal information.

Subscribe to an identity theft prevention service that will notify you whenever someone tries to assume your identity.


goodwill7148 02-15-2008 04:45 AM

Identity Theft: What to Do if It Happens to You
Hello everyone!

Info about what one has to do if it happens with him/her... What to Do if It Happens to You

What’s happening? You could be the victim of identity theft, where an imposter is using your personal information to obtain credit. Then when the thief does not pay the bills, the company itself or a debt collection company contacts you to demand payment. As a result, your credit report is likely to contain negative information about your bill-payment history, and your credit score has probably been lowered considerably, making it difficult or impossible to obtain new credit yourself.

This guide provides victims of identity theft with instructions on how to regain your financial health and who to contact for more help. You must act quickly and assertively to minimize the damage.


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