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  • Yesterday dh went to the Shell next door to where we live in Columbus, OH. He bought $5.00 worth of gas for our lawn mower with our Visa debit card, using it as a credit card. I happened to be looking at our online banking statement today and saw that Shell charged us $1.00 for using our credit card at their pumps. I know inside if you buy something for $10.00 or less they are charging per an employee but nothing is posted inside or outside saying that. I am so angry, I will never use Shell again because of this. That's a heck of a profit and all the folks who run in there the day before pay day to get a couple dollar of gas to get to work on Friday, it's just not right.

    Off my soap box now.

  • Have you thought about calling the manager and asking about this? If you signed a receipt for $5 and nothing is posted, they should take off the $1. If not, call the Better Business Bureau. I would love to come to Columbus someday. There is a track that I want to go to. If I ever get down that way I'll remember the Shell gas station.

  • Debora

    dh went over there today and they are all foreigners from overseas Iran, Iraq? and don't speak very good english. They said we have to talk to the manager, whoever that is. I did email Shell Corp. and if I don't hear anything by Monday will be calling the Attorney Generals office. BBB has way too much red tape.

  • Good for you!

    They could be Indian too. I've noticed they are buying up a lot of gas stations around here.
  • It Is Petit Oil Company That Runs Shell! Chevron Did The Same Thing To Me Yesterday! I Used To Work For Petit Oil. Nothing Was Posted Where We Went Either.
  • It seems illegal to me. I'd be mad too!
  • I heard a clerk tell someone ahead of me in line the other day in the store that if you use your debit card, you get dinged with a $1 fee. No fee for credit cards, cash or check.
  • That isn't right if they are going to charge a processing fee for debt cards then it should be posted so you know and can decide before you get gas if you want to pay another way.

    If you got a receipt at the pump I would go to your bank and disput they extra charge.

  • I just remembered something and I had to call my DH and ask him about it. He said that when me make some purchases or order online the online banking statement will show that the charge as well as a $1 fee is pending. Then, the next day it has been removed. He said that he does not know why it show a $1 charge pending and then when it comes through, there is no $1 charge.

    He said that if you call your bank and find out any information, let is know. He's curious as to why it shows that when he is looking at his statement online.
  • DeBora

    That is exactly what happened here too. I looked online today (Saturday) and it is gone. However we bought gas at Speedway today and the $1.00 charge showed up there but not the gas charge yet. This is too weird.

    My point yesterday which I got so wrapped in in the details is Pay Attention To All Bank Charges, those $1.00 charges can quickly add up if you are like we are and use your debit card for everything. We don't own a regular credit card anymore and only write checks for our bills ( soon to be getting rid of that too) with Bill Pay.

    I really like online checking, I've only had it a couple weeks now but Wow! I can see everything going on on my bank statement and can copy checks, etc. right away.