Should I have stopped at 2 kids?

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  • Reading this has reminded me of the Oprah show and it's big debates. I think everyone has hit it on the head that every child is special whether you have one or ten and that everyone has days when they are stressed out and wonder... This all just makes us human.

    And whether we have none, one or ten that is our decision or God's decision and no one should judge us on it.

    I do have two and they are four years apart. I had mine when I was older so have only two unless God decides to bless me with another miracle!
  • Nice thread. Guess most of the ones
    that have posted are no longer with us. I have
    4 and wanted more. They are all out on their
    own with their own families with exception of my
    3rd dau Judy she is mentally challenged and here
    with me. Also have a wonderful "step" hate that
    word any thanks to marrying my 2nd hubby I
    gained another son. So I have 5 3 girls and 2 boys
  • I had 4 (bio), and when that proved to be (not enough), we adopted two more! Love every step of being the mom of 6! LOVED the baby stage! Had two in diapers throughout (for the most part). Would do it all over again in a heartbeat!
  • Good morning all, my last 2 girls
    were in diapers at same time. Jan 21st 1965
    I lost twin boys so would have had 2 more
    at same time. Had my son Jan 22 of '65
  • Thank goodness for cloth diapers, Patty! What a saving-grace they were! Wouldn't have been able to afford to diaper my kids if it weren't for good ol' diapers and rubber pants!
  • Same here Miss Money Penny.And I thank
    God for my washer & Dryer especially in the winter
  • I second that, Patty!