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barbszy 06-21-2004 12:15 PM

Spending Time with Kids, One at a Time
I have been thinking that this summer I really need to find a way to spend time with each one of my kids BY THEMSELVES (well, with the two year old this is not as big of an issue as we are together all the time when the Big Kids are at school all year).

I do have the problem of a very busy husband, so he can't always be with the other kids when I want to have "Mom & Me Time" with one....

Maybe I need to think of ways to do this without leaving the house. Anyone got any good ideas?

Deidra 08-09-2004 09:23 AM

Summer time one-on-one
This summer try to see if your local 4-H office, science center, or arts council has a summer program that has one day/half day summer programs for kids of all ages. Ours is called 4-H Summer Fun, you can have your other kids doing something fun (psst, they are also learning but don't tell them that) while you are spending one on one time with one of your kids, we carry thousands of topics so you could put the ones that you need someone to watch in programs that they will love while letting you spend time with one child, this is also very affordable our events are usually $10.00 or under according to what the event/class is.

Hope this helps,
4-H Secretary/4-H Leader
from Shelby, Hickory North Carolina

Irish Angel 08-09-2004 09:58 PM

Hey there...

Usually I try to take the kids one at a time if I run an errand and maybe I grab them an icecream cone in town. :icecr:
Every once in awhile they crawl in bed with me to talk.
Angel spends alot of time with Memin at work. He and I don't do alot together b/c he spends alot of his time with dad.
Delia wants to do things on her own alot...every so often she and I bake together. :sausa:
Maggy is who generally wamts to spend time with me.
Things are more complicated as they start to become their own people! LOL :cool:
We do try to have time as a family meals :yakk: and such

cau 08-10-2004 09:21 AM

I used to have a helper for the day, they would help with dinner and dishes and sit in front running erands. My dh belonged to the YMCA Indian princess & guides program. who ever wasn't with him bummed around with me. Believe it or not they didn't mind the dishes thing because they had my undevided attention.cau :cool:

hallmomof5 08-11-2004 06:25 AM

Kudos to you, Barbszy, for realizing how important 1-on-1 time is to your kids! A couple of years ago, when I was a single mom of 4, I had the same revelation, so I took a vacation day to spend with each child while the others were in daycare. Things are different now, especially with a baby ALWAYS with me. Sometimes I get up early and get one of the kids up early to share the sunrise with me...this makes for great conversations! Or, I'll take only one on errands with me after dh gets home.
These little times are great, but the kids think the best thing in the world was that one whole day for each child. They felt so important and loved! Isn't that what it's all about?
If you're wanting to stay home and still have 1-on-1 time, perhaps you could rent a movie to occupy the other children, while taking turns spending time with another. Or maybe you could swap favors with a friend or neighbor.

barbszy 08-11-2004 11:29 AM

I have found out what my DD likes to do with me. We've been doing SHOPPING together. She calls it "girl day" and we shop for whatever gifts, etc. we need for the next little while. Then we get something to drink, maybe a little snack, and enjoy conversation. On the way home she plans where she'd like to shop on the next "girl day." ROFLMAO

Now to figure out a good way to spend time with my 12 year old DS. He does get to do a lot of things with DH but usually when he's with me, the two year old is along also.

maynard 08-12-2004 02:04 PM

All the other ideas are great!!

:typ: Just my $0.02~~I would suggest, depending on how many children there are (at least in my family we have seven children). My four oldest children still remember their days (especially Kyle). We divided up the days vs. the kids and we take about an hour on their day and have the other older children take care of the younger children and this worked out for us.

That was also when dh was home, now his schedule is ok, late only three days of the week (9pm is when he gets off work).

Calene ;)

Samsteram 10-16-2004 02:38 PM

It's tough to fit time in for each child....
i ask each one what they would like to do that week...ranging from small things (running to the store) to bigger outings...(like the movie; or supper; or bowling..etc)....
then i fit in the smaller things throughout the week and the bigger activities; plan for....
my toddler (almost three) doesn't really understand the 'our time' so I fit him into everyday...especially at bedtime...he's learning how to pray....


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