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Goria 04-08-2003 05:23 PM

Does anyone know how to buy eyeglasses cheaper than what you pay in an optical? Can you purchase frames on line and get your own prescription lenses added etc. locally? Any information on the new titanium (they look like rubbery substance - bendable etc.) glasses that are out?
Everything I price locally is about 300.00!!!

nagymom 04-09-2003 03:23 AM


Yes Costco and Sam's Club BOTH have wonderful prices on eyeglasses. Wal Mart Optical wanted $210 for a pair very similar to what I bought at Costco for $80. If you belong or even know somoene who does, check them out. If you know someone then maybe they can take you in as a guest.

A quick check of (I typed in $39 glasses since I've seen the ads) brought this:

I can't vouch for them since I've never used them but I have seen the ads a lot.

Good luck!

Jeannie 04-13-2003 12:53 PM

Jayne.. thanks for the info.. I'll be needing new glasses soon....
and you know how I feel about sam's club.. *s* Will give that a shot....

momofjems 04-13-2003 02:29 PM

I would be cautious about buying lenses online, but that's just eyes have turned 40, meaning I need bifocals, and that happens to the best of us around that magical age :-P:: Oh well. As far as the titanium frames, they aren't all that new. I sold them when I worked in an optical shop 12 years ago. They are expensive, but if you want a pair of frames to last you a long time or if you are hard on your frames, like maybe you fall asleep in your glasses, they are wonderful. They are great for kids, in my opinion. Good luck, and if you have good luck with getting them online, that is great! Glasses are an expensive necessity.

sugarspicenpuppytails 04-13-2003 06:07 PM

I don't know about less expensive glasses - mine work out to about 300$ also with glare-free lenses. The reason I'm willing to pay that is that I get excellent service from the optician I go to and I like supporting small, local businesses. They have given me loads of free contact samples and are very fair about replacing / repairing contacts and glasses parts at no cost when it's a poduct problem. I had once badly scratched one of my new lenses ( totaaly my fault) and they replaced it free of charge - my cost would have been 75$.

I have been through several pairs of glasses and last year bought my first rimless, titanium pair. I have had to replace the frame twice (it was under warranty) because the arm broke off and the nose piece got all bent out of shape. I would keep buying them because I hate the way I look in glasses and these ones are the least noticeable ones - however I cannot recommend them for durability.

ask323 04-13-2003 07:54 PM

Sam's club has eyeglasses? Iv'e never seem them there. Are they in a special place or do you have to ask for them? 8-)

Lillith462 04-14-2003 02:45 AM

Hi, my opthomologist told me I could buy the glasses they have in the drug stores, they come in a lot of different strengths, all you have to do it ask your doc what strength you need. He said they are actually better in some ways than the expensive ones. I have been buying them for about 8 yrs now, and they work fine.

nagymom 04-14-2003 04:21 AM

Ask323 when you go inside Sam's, ask the door greeter where the optical department is. It's usually tucked off to the side somewhere. We bought my youngest dd's last pair at Sam's since she's a member. I bought mine at Costco since we belong ed tho them at the time.

Youngest dd is in college and on of her college girl friends gave her the second membership on hers. They now joke that they're spouses. Her friend renewed recently and though they attend different colleges now, she still kept our dd as her "spouse". What a great friend! ^^ ^^


ask323 04-14-2003 05:11 PM

Thank you Jayne I'll check it out next time I go.:)

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