medications for less for people without insurance?

  • My husband is on Avapro. He is unemployed and we do not have insurance. I found on the internet one day a way to get this medication and others for $15.00 a month through the pharmecuetial company, but forgot to bookmark it. Does anyone know how this plan works?
  • Check with your doctor. He can get forms from the company that makes that pill. The program is called "Patients in need program" Usually the companies will send you 3 months supply free or they will charge $5.00 per month. The company sends the pills right to your doctor if they are free. If you need to pay a small amount then you get them at the pharmacy. I have been getting my medications like this for about 2 years. If you do get the pills on this prgram make sure you send them a thank you, then next time you apply (I need to reapply every 6 months) for the program it seems to go much faster. Hope this helps you out. mrse
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    My neighbor, Cal, sells a program for people without insurance. It is a discount program.
    Just thought I'd mention it, since I didn't have insurance, either.

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  • Go to:
    You will get either an address or phone number to contact for the forms. They will also list how low your income has to be to get the meds so you can see if you are not able to qualify.
  • Thank you all for your help. I am going to check into the NeedyMeds program.
  • If you need to get in touch with a program I can send your name and phone number to my program. then they will contact you.