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lawnangel 08-12-2002 08:23 PM

Zoloft anyone??
Has anyone taken zoloft or heard anything about it?

Without getting into boring (depressing) details, my gyno said I was peri-meno and gave me a starter kit of zoloft. I thought this would be the BEST PLACE ON THE INTERNET to get any advice, help, etc.

Thanks.................... :confused:

janet 08-12-2002 09:38 PM

When my father died, it really hit me hard, I never realized the impact it would have on my life....after 6 months of gloom I went to the doctor for another problem and then I just started to cry and weep all over the place. I was given a samples of Zoloft, after 3 weeks I felt like a new was like one day the black blanket was over me and the next day it was lifted and the world was here again...I took it for 6 months and was better. I never realized I was depressed. Silly me!:o


lawnangel 08-12-2002 10:00 PM

Hi Janet,

Sorry about your father.

Thanks for the encouragement. Is the prescription expensive? I don't have any insurance but I know this medicine will be worth it. A friend of mine was taking a med in the same family as zoloft and he said the same thing, he felt better than he thought he could.

Thanks again Janet

Looks like things will be looking up in a few weeks.

janet 08-13-2002 05:36 AM

Hello lawnangel,

I always got samples from my doctor.......I had to go in to see him about every 2-4 weeks.
I have heard it runs about $90.00 amonth! Yikes!

Ask your Dr for samples, especially to see if they will work for you.

Good luck and I will say a special prayer for you!:heart:


lawnangel 08-13-2002 08:50 AM

Thanks Janet

You are sweet. I will definately ask my Dr. for samples. She gave me a starter kit which is only 21 days. The visit alone was $125 !!!!!! Highway robbery :-O

Thanks for your help and prayers. That menas alot.

sugarspicenpuppytails 08-13-2002 09:54 AM

Hi! I do not take Zoloft but Celexa - have been for two years and it sure is nice to know that I can take pleasure in life again! There had been this great thread that started with someone inquiring about Paxil - another anti-depressant / anti-anxiety med - but I cannot find it. It's so frustrating since it had great info from people on these types of meds! Anyway, I hope that those who replied to that one will reply to this one!

Lawnangel and Janet it sounds like you may only need medication for these specific times in your life. I'm really glad that black blanket has been lifted Janet. Lawnangel I'm quite sure you will feel alot better soon.

As for me I'm having to face being on meds for the rest of my life since it's the third time I'm back on them and also because there's family history on both sides of my family. I think I've mostly gotten over the shame and guilt but some of the side effects bother me. I've never had a problem with weight gain until recently... will have to continue later my 2 yr old needs me RIGHT NOW!

janet 08-13-2002 05:07 PM

Thank-you Sugarspicenpuppytails for the kind words, my father has been gone now for 10 years so I am definetly out of the dark! I do treasure the time I had with him 5 months before he died....I wasn't living here at the time so I also sold my farmhouse, and moved too! Gee what stress!! Hindsight was I should of just closed up the house and returned when my dad passed, my Dh was just finishing up his chemo treatment and they didn't expect him to live either, but God had a different plan for him. My DH has been cancer free now for almost 12 years! Praise God! Funny how life changes!


sugarspicenpuppytails 08-13-2002 06:22 PM

Sorry you had to go through all that. It's interesting (but tough) how things happen sometimes. I lost my mother last October in a car accident and my husband had started peritoneal dialysis the same day. People often still tell me they don't know how I kept functioning but by the grace of God I kept going. I had already been on medication for over a year at that time and I'm sure that helped. I know that I've become much stronger in the last ten years and some of that has to do with having made it through tough experiences and a lot of it has to do with working on building up my self esteem. I feel much more independent now and that's great.

lawnangel 08-13-2002 07:45 PM

Thanks Ladies for being so encouraging. Yes, I'm hoping that this is just a temporary phase in my life. I am a SAHM, at the time, and it's summer vacation and my husband is just not "there" for me. Physically he is, but I know we have a marriage that (excuse my language) sucks and he was sort of shocked in a sense of what you when I told him my Dr put me on Zoloft for stress. He doesn't think I should have stress/anxiety/depression or any of the other symptoms. Like my life is so easy, I get to stay home with the kids all day. Duuuh! Hello? Anybody in there? He just is not understanding and that only makes it worse.
Yes, God works in mysterious ways. There is a reason for everything. I always remind myself that things could be worse, I am blessed to have a home (rented but it's a roof over our heads) and three beautiful loving children.
You both have been through alot worse than I have and you are so encouraging and selfless. I truely thank you for letting me lighten up a little. Thank you.


sue witt 08-14-2002 03:31 AM

I have been taking anti-depressants my whole adult life and it looks like i will be on them for the rest of my life i have not even turn 30 yet. Why??? both sides of my family suffer from some sort of depression. When i was growing up i always knew that something was wrong and that i was differant. My mama and daddy and grandmother took me every where to find out what was wrong with me. I had x-rays cat scans ekgs blood work and everything you can image i had probes stuck into my head for along time i was going to the doctor so much that i thought i would have to quit school or at least be homeschooled. i was taking a large amount of narctoics because of the miagraine headaches i was having.I can remember for going days on end without any sleep and then when i would sleep it would be for days. Well to make a long story short after i was married i was still trotting to the doctor and finially they dx me with depression/bipolor noone belived it i was to young they could not understand why i was depressed i did not know why still to this day i dont know why. my life has not been a easy one but with the grace of the good Lord i am winning this fight. I take 2 kinds of rx one for the depression and one for anxiety. And now i feel like a new person. In the dark days of my battle the only thing that kept me going was the love of my family. I dont tell anyone about my condition I just want them to know me for who i am a funloving dry humor person that collects cookbooks. I am not ashamed of my condition i just would like to lead a normal life. i still have mood swings but i can control them now . I hope some of this helps you. I dont belive the media when it comes to your medication. I have taken everything on the market paxil,clexa, zoloft,prozac,buspur, and the only thing that works for me is prozac. And i am not scared of this drug. it is the only thing that has helped me lead a some what normal life.

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