Zoloft anyone??

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    Originally posted by sugarspicenpuppytails
    lbm973pr - welcome to this thread and thanks for sharing!

    Natalie, I really think you should consider doing what Lifestar did. It takes drastic measures for change to happen sometimes. What worries me is that you think the possibility is there for him to physically hurt you. I'm not at all sure about this but it sounds to me like your husband might be more likely to need help with anger rather than depression. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? Is anger often associated with depression?
    according to my Dr. anger can be a side effect of depression, also it is a side effect of Zoloft (rage) as it's called.
    Make sure he gets help before he hurts you or the kids.
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    Originally posted by lbm973pr
    according to my Dr. anger can be a side effect of depression, also it is a side effect of Zoloft (rage) as it's called.
    Make sure he gets help before he hurts you or the kids.
    Thanks for the welcome!!
    I went back to the Dr. and she said if the Celexa hadn't started working by now it's time to try another so I'm now of effexor.
    Hopefully this one will do the trick, but at this point I'm willing to go back on the Zoloft side effects and all.
  • Hi Ladies!! I'm baaack! You have been very busy here. Welcome to all the new posters here. It is very nice to have you and thanks for sharing your lives. I know sometimes it is very hard to let things out but here we are all for each other and nobody gets hurt.

    My move went very smoothly. I was surprised, nothing broke, nobody got hurt and I got to drive the big truck. I'm still looking for the medicine box with the damn asprin in it though! I refuse to buy more when I have a huge bottle hiding somewhere. We are getting settled otherwise.

    As far as my Zoloft, it is working great. I guess. My headaches are so mild that I can go with out that bottle of asprin. And my moods are so much better and absolutley no depression. I haven't cried in quite a while so I know it's working. I'll be 40 on Saturday so I might cry a bit but I'll get over it.

    I have also been working. 3rd shift, Fri and Sat nights. In a retirement home as a caregiver. It's a huge place sort of like an apartment complex but I only have a few residents who need my help in the night. It is such a good feeling in itself to be working. I am also selling AVON and trying to make a business out of it. Any one interested can see my site at www.youravon.com/dmacheledt
    All orders placed on my site get 10% off their entire order, for life. My business, my decision!

    Well, I must be getting along, there's always plenty of laundry and other $&%#%&%^ things to do around the house.

    I have missed all of you, it's nice to be back. I hope everyone is doing well and Kathy, how is your sister?

    Take care..............
  • Welcome back lawnangel,

    I'm glad your move went smoothly. That's one thing I hate to do, but maybe I'd get a clean house that way.

    If you haven't seen it, you need to find the thread about "Quirks". It is very humorous to say the least. I suffer from OCD and am on Prozac, Klonopin, and Wellbutrin, but most of these ladies need to be on something if they aren't already. Try it, you'll get a good laugh.

    I'm glad the Zoloft is helping you. Isn't it strange, Prozac helps me, but Zoloft did not and they are in the same "family" as the doctors say.

    Anyway, welcome back!

  • Hi Linda, too funny! I just came from posting and reading all the silly qiurks! It's was great. I laughed. It was fun.

    Thanks for the welcome back. I've really missed it here. I'm so excited to be back. I feel like I've been away from my friends.

    Yes, it is strange how meds in the same families work different for different people with the same problems. I'm so glad I stuck with the Zoloft. I don't feel like I am taking "drugs", I just feel more mellow, like I used to be, and also like I used to be, the little stuff doesn't bother me. I'm back to ME again!!!!!!

    Thanks again Linda