Zoloft anyone??

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  • Thankfully mine is not that bad
    Thankfully my depression is not that bad and I am doing very well without my medication. I think my doctor was overmedicting me so she'd get more money! As soon as I came into the room she'd say "Hello how are you?" And no matter how great I was, she always uped the dosage with every visit. There's a little test that doctors take to check your progress and the nurse would take mine and write the results on my chart for the doc. She would actually say things like "Looks like you wont be needing meds anymore at all" then the doc would come in, ignore what I say and double my dose! I will have my new doctor re evaluate my "condition" when I get one (a new doc that is) I may not need it at all.

  • Gosh, I'm so glad to hear from everyone again!!! My computer has been in the "hospital" since Friday and I was starting to go into withdrawals!!! LOL

    Sugar, that is right....my sister had never had a seizure before this one in July!! And she is 50!!! She has been started on medication and is doing somewhat better!! She is so relieved to finally have gotten some answers and she really liked her doctor!! I think she is also very relieved about no breast cancer!!

    I have heard the same things from my doctor about staying on antidepressants long enough to prevent a recurrance. I think he said the sooner you go off of them, the more likely you are to have a recurrance.

    Sheila, that's a bummer that you don't qualify for state assistance yet but I'm glad you are at least halfway there!!!

    Lawnangel, I am glad you get your PAP done over for free!!! That is only right!!! I am glad you stuck to your guns!!!!

    Well, I have over 100 e-mails to get through, so that's it for now!! Thanks again everyone for all your prayers for my sister!! Hope everyone's week goes smoothly!! Kathy
  • Hi All,

    Just wanted to send my best wishes to everyone and let you know we are moving this weekend and we wont have our DSL back for about a week after so I WILL be having withdrawels!! Hubby will be taking my computer down tomorrow I think

    I will miss talking with all of you but you will be in my thoughts and prayers..................untill then, take extra special care of your selves..........
  • Debbie, good luck your move!!! Hopefully it will go smoothly and be stress free!!!!! (Or at least as stress free as a move can be!!!) LOL

    Happy thoughts to all on this sad day!!! Kathy
  • Lawnangel
    Good Luck on your move and try not to get too stressed out. Moving does tend to make a body stressful...so know in the end everything will be okay, especially when you can re-join all your buddies here!

    Will be missing you.

    Take care and you are in my prayers and thoughts!

  • I've spent alot of time reading all 8 pages of everyone's messages here. I've learned alot and found it really interesting. Everyone is so open about their situations and I really appreciate that. I'm not suffering from depression but I feel that my husband is and I would like to help him. He is 33 and we have one 4 yr old child. Although I think he probably recognizes that he has a problem, he probably also feels that he's always been this way and doesn't think it's anything that he needs to see a doctor about. He hates therapists. He was always in trouble growing up because of his bad family life and had to deal with alot of therapists that really didn't understand. He was in a foster home and in the care of the state and lived with his grandparents for a while etc. He didn't have drug or alcohol problems back then just anger management problems. He's had other bad experiences like one time when he was given the wrong medication in a care facility and it made him super aggressive and took all the hospital staff to get him under control. They had to put him in a straight jacket. He doesn't like to take pills, even something like aspirin and never seems to completely take his entire prescription when he's been ill. He angers easily, bitches constantly, seems edgy and irritable alot. He's not the type to sit around and just relax. He's very hyperactive and also has a problem completing projects. What can I do to convince him to talk to someone? Any suggestions or advice you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • Boy Natalie I wish I had an answer for you. I don't just a lot of understanding and willingness to listen if you need a shoulder to lean on.
    My e-mail is [email protected]

    Be glad to tlk when you want,

    I do know that often men feel that geting help when they are depressed is being weak. My husband was like that for a long time. His childhood was similar to your husbands,

    Would your dh tak to someone like a minister?

    God bless you and your husband

  • Natalie, men can be so stubborn at times!!! Even my DH wouldn't admit after our son died that he was feeling depressed!!! He did talk to our doctor about it (finally!!) and was put on meds but to this day won't admit that he was depressed!!! It's like Sandy said, almost like it is showing them as weak!!

    That was a good suggestion for maybe a minister for him to talk with. I think if he ever found a counselor or doctor he could relate to, it would make a big difference and he would be more agreeable to counseling. With his past record of taking meds, he would need to take all meds as prescribed or they will not help.

    If the minister thing doesn't work out, perhaps you could talk with a counselor (if you have one) and get started that way. Or perhaps they would give you some insight into how best to get him in there!! Let us know how it turns out!! Good luck!! Kathy
  • Kathy & Sandy,

    Thanks for the reply. Both of you have good suggestions. My husband rarely attends church and I don't think he could relate to a minister at all. He'd probably feel they'd be more interested in his soul than his problems. I think it would be good for me to talk to someone. I've decided to make a call at work in order to find a counselor. We have access to a service called Lifeworks. Maybe they can help. I think the most important thing in helping him in addition to getting on medication would be finding someone he young, someone he could really relate to because he really loves to talk. Even though he seems to have worked thru alot of his problems relating to his childhood, he still has anger management issues. I've known him for 5 years and he's never hit me but I feel the possibility is there. Meanwhile, it would help me alot if anyone out there wants to share what their experiences have been living with someone like this. Although I have a supportive family and several close friends, this is something that I just don't feel comfortable discussing with them. I'll keep you informed and thanks again.
  • Natalie, I think that is a great idea because even if you never get him to agree to see a counselor, just you going will help you on how to deal with it. I'm glad you have a program through your work. I probably wouldn't care to share it with my family either. And it may hurt your DH later on down the line if he knows you shared it with family and may make him self-conscious about it with them. So I think that is a good idea too!! Good luck on your counseling and I hope you are lucky and get a good one!!!