Super Tight Budget... need help!

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  • This is just an idea, but here in Michigan, my hubby and I belong to the American Legion and they tear off the tabs off of the pop and beer cans and save them. Twice a year, they cash them in at a local recycle company for money for the veteran kids christmas presents. We started doing it at home and taking them to the legion twice a year to help. I don't know if you can do that at your location or if you can do that from home. It's just an idea to make money
  • Abby01--we take ours to the Am. Legion, but the local scrapyard takes them, too. Lots of people 'round here do it, since you don't need the rings for the deposit lol! It's not very lucrative, but it can add up to a few dollars here and there.
  • Ya'll are thinking of ways to save money but has anyone thought of ways to make money from home extra money or whatever. I was thinking of trying one of those work from home things but wanted to see before I spent any money. Bre
  • Bre

    From what I've read in the newspapers most of those places are a big ripoff and even if legit, try to not pay you for work you've done. Before signing up and certainly don't ever give money, not one penny, check them out with your local Better Business Bureau, if they aren't local your local BBB can give you the phone number for the one in their area.

  • our local newspaper reported a mystery shopper scam, two of them, operating in our area for the last year (?)

    the person would shop, make the report, get paid, deposit the check and then send some of it back to the company for some reason or other, turns out the checks were bogus and the myatery shopper got ripped off and then of course, bounced check fees to boot

    so be careful!
  • Well, I was going to suggest the mystery shopping. I'm fixing to do my 1st mystery shopping "gig" today. I hope this is a good company. I'm sure it is.
  • good luck let us know how it works I was going to try it but am going to wait and see and also wait till after my next surgery.