Frugal Dinner Meals

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  • Mmmm--that sounds yummy LadyLynn!! I make tuna that way in the summer, when the garden is producing(I add grated carrots and zucchinni, too). Usually in winter I just add onion and pickles because produce is so expensive!!

    Another frugal dinner we like is fried potatoes--not exactly nutritionally sound, but filling! Slice an onion and layer it with potatoes in a frying pan, add a bit of oil or butter to the pan, and fry until golden. I try to serve this with a veggie and hard-boiled eggs cut in half (trying to make a real meal lol!!)
  • Okay--here's a few more that we'll be having over the next few weeks:

    Bean and cheese burrittos(hm tortillas, dry beans)
    Mushroom cheese biscuits(for lunches)
    turkey hash over biscuits
    black bean pancakes w/ a veggie
    Spinach dinner cakes
    Crockpot Roast and gravy w/ mashed potaoes
    Popovers w/ creamed mushrooms
    Egg drop soup and fried rice
    pasta with "wannabe carbonara" sauce
    Puffy apple pancakes

    Boy--I'm glad my family likes cheap food lol!! I'm going to be baking lots of muffins and cookies for my son's school snacks, too. I'm trying to go for another two weeks without grocery shopping!
  • frugal dinners
    ;-) I have 2 recipes to post, both are easy and very frugal not to mention very inexpensive to make.Neither of them take more than maybe 25 min. to make and only one pot to boot!!!

    ok the first one is Poor mans spagetti:

    1 lb. of ground beef
    1 large can of franco american spagetti

    brown ground beef and drain put back in skillet and add spagetti and stir into beef, simmer till heated thru and eat

    you may want to add some garlic powder to taste depending on your family's taste buds.

    the second one is : Poor mans beef stew:

    1lb ground beef
    1 box rice a roni beef flavored
    1 small can franco amer. beef gravy
    1 can corn (or mixed veggies)

    prepare rice according to box in a large pot or skillet, brown ground beef and add to rice (when rice is done) add gravy and veggie, heat thru and serve with hot biscuits or refrigerator rolls

    I came up with these recipes when I was expecting my 2nd child and money got tight as I was a single mom raising my children on a very tight budget, both were well liked when my children were little and both are liked now as they are adults, my hubby likes them both also.

  • Okay, this one may sound strange but it really is good!
    My Mom used to make "Pork and Bean Sandwiches" (My Dad still asks for these...the kids love em!)

    6-8 slices of bread
    1 large can Pork and Beans (store brand is fine)
    6-8 slices of bacon, cut in half (this was when pay day was good!)
    1/4 c finely minced onion
    salt and pepper to taste

    Lay the bread on a cookie sheet. Spoon P&B over bread. Sprinkle with onions. Lay bacon across the top in an "X".
    Broil until bacon is crispy.
    Also good with a little grated cheese over the top. Mom used to serve this with either fresh fruit, or canned mixed fruit.
  • Janet, the only thing strange about your recipe is that there is no mayonnaise, lol. I LOVE pork 'n' bean sandwiches with diced raw onion and mayonnaise! Yum!
  • Janet I used to eat the same thing except that it was the toast, beans a slice of velveeta and three slices of bacon on the top. That was one of those meals we used to be able to sit on the livingroom floor and eat while my parents watched 60 minutes on Sunday night.
  • We used to put the beans right out of the can on white bread...
    It has to be white bread...

    In fact to this day if we have baked beans...we have to have white bread with them.. YUMMM!
  • The post about potato casserole reminded me of a New Orleans "institution" - the Potato Poorboy. Just cook steak fries according to directions, placed on french bread with mayonnaise and beef or brown gravy and dress with lettuce, tomatoes and sliced onions. It was invented during the Depression when it sold for 5 cents and fed many a hungry family.
  • A friend of mine was telling me that when she was in high school they use to go to a place and get fries covered in gravy, sometimes it was beef gravy sometimes country gravy! Sounds yukky to my, but I guess I should try it before saying that.

    My mom likes to use the packages of country gravy mix that you buy to make cream of potato soup. Just follow the directions on the package and add cubed cooked potatoes and chopped onion. I buy them (gravy mixes) at the bread store, and I keep them on hand for when I'm out of milk and need a quick easy dinner. You can also use it to make clam chowder.


  • Songberries, there is NOTHING better than gravy fries!!!!!!!!

    Try them sometimes with a hot open faced roast beef sandwich....not much different than putting gravy on mashed potatoes. YUM.....