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tree3branches 11-28-2002 08:30 AM

This be Tree:)

I like to take left over mashed potatoes and make potato cakes fried in butter, I sometimes add oinons to them too...

I take left over fried fish and flake it up and make fish patties out of it. Then make a gravey sauce to serve with it.

Take all the leftover vegetalbes for a few days and make potluck soup or casserole that way I get by if I add me just use 1/2 lb. If no meat I just add one of the bases I se them when I do have meat ROFLMAO .

Happy Thanksgiving

Minny 11-28-2002 12:11 PM

:) Hi.
I have a great recipie for using leftover turkey or chicken. I know you said you didn't want to use cream of anything soup, but I'll send it anyway.
Take your left over turkey or chicken & break it into pieces. Make your stuffing or use Stove Top stuffing.
spray a cake pan with cooking spray. Press the stuffing into the bottom of the pan. spread the turkey or chicken over the top of the dressing. Open a can of Cream of Chicken soup & beat it with a fork( do not dilute with milk or water) Pour the soup over top of the meat. Melt some butter & crunch up crackers in the butter to coat them well ( don't make them soggy) Spread the crackers over the top & bake at 350 for about an hr. This can be frozen & re heated when needed. It's easy & doesn't take long to do.

Jeannie 11-28-2002 01:12 PM

My favorite frugal meal is when I can get chicken for 39 cents a lb which is often here. So a 4 1/2 lb chicken costs $1.75.

I make an herbed roasted chicken, with garlic, thyme, parsley and rosemary, lemon pepper, and serve with the trimmings, potatoes and some green veggie...or maple and brown sugar carrots, cranberry sauce and homemade bread or rolls.

The carcass and all juices are saved and all bones and the next day I put all of this in a stockpot with an onion, celery and carrots, and water and make a broth.

In the meantime, I take some flour and eggs and make home made noodles. The result is chicken noodle soup with chicken bits... Add a salad and some bread...and the meal costs from roast chicken to soup......less than 3.50.

Tree.... I make extra potatoes just to make potato cakes...we love them! *s*

Songberries 11-28-2002 06:40 PM

Hi everyone,
I love your dinner ideas! Here is one I recently got from a cooking class I went to. Brown 1 lb or less of hamburger, drain, add some chopped onion and what ever veges you have on hand, canned, frozen or leftover. Then breakup 2 packages of top ramen noodles and pour them in along with the seasoning packets. I add a little liquid and some garlic powder, onion powder and seasoning salt. Cook and stir until noodles are soft. My kids love this stuff.

tree3branches 11-29-2002 05:53 PM

::-):: Hallo everyone again... I just remenber you said you don't want to use cream soups. They are costly unless you have an Aldda near you... But you can use a simple white sauce in place... I thought of that tonight while fixing some of out left over turkey ROFLMAO . I made a white sauce with garlic and wite american cheese in it and chopped turkey. I served this over noodles..

This be Tree:)

sheilaanderson 11-30-2002 06:05 AM

does anyone have a sav-a-lot ??
hello to everyone.
i am always trying to be frugal when shopping for groceries.
it is just plain dumb not to save money-no matter your income!!
my favorite way to save grocery $$$ is off course to use manufactures coupons-buy the sunday paper and you always get more $$ from coupons than the cost of the paper-sometimes i buy 2-3 papers if the coupons are items i usually use (and i have a good idea which area grocery stores sell my favorite items for). a little planning and going weekly to 2-3 different stores will save lots of money-along with runnung into those wonderful instore-unadvertised specials and marked down meat!!!

one of my favorite standbys is SAV-A-LOT grocery. it is similar to ALDI'S. now in sav-a-lot, some items are fantastic and others-well-cheap and not worth buying. but my favorites are-
1. the seasoning packets-3 for $1.00. they have-spaghetti seasoning,taco,chili,country gravy,chicken gravy,beef gravy,etc.
they are very good quality and not weak at all-1 chili seasoning packet will easily season 1 huge stockpot of chili nicely.
2.canned beans,veggies and tomato sauce-3 for $1.00 !!!
3.diced tomatoes 2 for $1.00
4. bananas- 33 cents a pound
5. pasta and noodles 50 cents (sometimes 3 for $1 at walgreens)
6. cream soup 50 cents
7. baking supplies-really inexpensive - pudding 3 for $1
condensed milk 99 cents, choc chips less than $1,graham shells less than $1,etc.

i would like to share my recipe for really good chili-it freezes really well. use for leftover chili, or for chili dogs,or for chili on pasta,or for chili pizza, or for chili salad (taco).
hope everyone enjoys it-everyone absolutely RAVES about it.

sheila's favorite chili recipe:

jb829 11-30-2002 06:59 AM

'Morning, y'all!

I love chili, Sheila, but it sure doesn't like me...I haven't been able to eat it for years now. A big pot of it is soooo good on a cold day, and the next day it heats up even better, lol.

I thought of another frugal meal, using either ground beef or ground turkey...sloppy joes. We actually prefer the turkey, and use it for anything we'd use ground beef for. Anyway, brown up about a pound of it with the ever-present chopped onions and garlic(there is NO life without garlic!!). Drain off any grease...if you use turkey, there usually isn't any. After it's browned nicely, add in ketchup...probably about a cup, maybe less...and water until it's as thick or thin as you want it...thinner goes further, lol. Let this simmer for a couple minutes, and serve over rice, noodles, potatoes, hamburger buns, or plain bread. If you're feeling flush, which I'm usually not, you can use a can of cream of tomato soup(I don't think the white sauce would work here), cut the ketchup in half, and then add the water. My kids used to love this, and none of us ever cared for the Manwich in the can. This same base can be used to make bbq turkey or ground beef, too...just throw in some vinegar, brown sugar, and your taste...serve the same way. You can make the sauce without the beef or turkey, and put in hotdogs, cut into "coins," too.

Tree, the white sauce and turkey sounds good. I've got a lot of leftover ham, and am going to do that with chunked up ham. And last night, Dearly Beloved cooked a LOT of rice, so I can use it to make ham-fried rice...garlic(DUH!!...did you know I like garlic, lol?), ham, rice, soy sauce, a little ginger, and the left-over peas in the fridge. I LOVE left-overs!!!

sheilaanderson 11-30-2002 07:43 AM

preventing gas from beans
hello to everyone.

joyce- i dont know if it will help u much-but there are a few remedies for preventing painful "gas" from beans.

i always soak my beans overnight in warm water with 2 tbsp baking soda added.the overnight soak makes the beans more digestable. then in the morning before cooking them-rinse them well ,4 or 5 times with fresh water. also i heard it is good to discard all cooking water when done cooking them and add new water and season then. ive also heard that BEANO really works.
but i usually just rinse them after soaking overnight and that does it for us. my husband will have "bowel" problems if i dont. for my chili recipe-i simply rinse the 3 cans of kidney beans in a collander and that helps reduce the gas.

hope this helps.

sincerely-sheila ann anderson

momof4 11-30-2002 05:18 PM

I thought I'd share my frugal dinner! Tonight, I was searching the freezer and found a homemade pizza crust I'd forgotten, then found some frozen hamburger meat and frozen green get the idea! I added some sauce, cheese and of course pepperoni and that was it! Very yummy and very frugal, since most of the ingredients were from frozen leftovers!!;-)

ajrsmom 11-30-2002 07:39 PM

You are all just full of it!.....great ideas,that is!! ;)

Are you being creative with the leftovers from Thanksgiving? Cold turkey sandwiches seem to be a fav around here. Tonight I made turkey noodle soup with canned broth that I got on sale, some leftover turkey, leftover corn, a can of Aldi's carrots and a free can of French style green beans ( given to me by my mother because she doenst like that style of beans). I added some cheap elbow macaroni to it too. There is plenty left for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow will probably be hot turkey sandwiches with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Im getting kinda tired of turkey so the rest will hit the freezer for next week. I think I will have enough for turkey quesidilas and the white sauce with turkey over toast.

Im not lucky enough to have a SAV-A-LOT around us but I do have 3 major grocery stores within 2 miles of my house so I load up on good deals when they have them. Our Aldis is about 15 miles from us so I load up there too. I dont think that our Aldis is as nice as some of you have though. My brother lives in Ohio and they have a real nice one pretty close to them.

Im the only one here that likes beans so I usually buy them at Aldis in a can just for me.

I make sloppy joes with turkey, ketchup, a little brown sugar, dry mustard ( can use spicy brown mustard in a pinch without anny difference--I do since Im too cheap to buy more ground mustard ;) ), onions and gr. peppers. These are great and we prefer them to Manwich or any other type like that too!

I do use cream of ? sometimes. I like the dish with the stuffing and meat. I also cook a roast in the crockpot like that once in a while.

Im loving all of your ideas!! Keep them coming :) Im making a list of everything to hang on my cupboard door in the kitchen for when I need menu ideas!


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