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raggedymom 04-08-2002 06:30 AM

What's your funny money quirk??
Does anyone out there have any funny little quirks when it comes to their money or their purses? I always have to have all my notes facing the same way and in denomination order.....:. and the coin section of my wallet is divided in two, so of course I have to have the gold coins in one side, and the silver coins on the other (Australian currency)..... my sister thinks I'm totally nuts!

Please, someone out there confess to their quirks so that I don't feel like the only silly one out there! (^)

04-08-2002 10:17 AM

Yes, I have to have my bills in order that way, too. I worked at a bank for a short time in high school, so I think I must have started it then. :)

honeybee 04-08-2002 10:32 AM

Nope, not me, it all gets stuffed in there! I should though! It would certainly save timeROFLMAO .

danyel 04-08-2002 10:47 AM

^^ My money just gets thrown into my purse. I do empty the change out every day or two but...

My darling boyfriend has a habit that DRIVES me nuts. He HAS to have all of his money completely straight. One night he cashed a check at a local grocery story and got around $340 in $10 bills. He had to go home 2 hours before a meeting so he could straighten out his money. NOT KIDDING!! He will not keep a wrinkled/faded $1 bill in his wallet. He folds the money from top to bottom then side to side then corner to corner then stacks it all and makes sure all the corners are unfolded. :confused:

I worked with a girl that would take all of her money out of her wallet, count it, fold it in half and put it back about every 2-3 hours. You are not alone. ROFLMAO

analisa_roche 04-08-2002 10:52 AM

Money Quirk
I totally agree on the need to have the bills in denomination order, although I don't much care whether that's going "up" or "down", or which way the bills face.

I empty out the coins nightly and roll them whenever I collect enough.

I like to pay with the smallest bills possible - that way my wallet never has a ton of ones making it fat. This can be a problem, though, if I only have a twenty and need something smaller.

Good question, I'm interested in the other responses!

Shawn 04-08-2002 11:10 AM

I throw all my money in and at the end of the day I take out the change and put the bills in my wallet.

The only quirk I really have is that I must control the money :eek: If I don't then it will get spent on non-sense stuff :p

This way I give my dh money when he needs it and then he won't go buying stupid things he uses once and then never does again. Since doing this, we have saved so much money and he actually thanks me :-D

Arlette 04-09-2002 11:05 PM

I once heard a guest on the Oprah Show say that a person who just stuffs or throws their money into their wallet or purse doesn't value or respect money and that it is directly related to how you view money and finances. I kind of believe this because I'm a thrower and a stuffer and have had a life long love/hate relationship with money! I'm working on it!!

Shawn 04-10-2002 04:52 AM

I don't beleive that is true. Although I stuff my money in my wallet I have high regards for it.

I worry about money and ponder what I spend it on.

I think that person that said that (on Oprah) is full of it :eek: , it is just their way to sell books.

I know what a meanie I am :mad:


SueAnn 04-10-2002 05:30 PM

I must have my bills in denomination order. I count any change that I have at the end of the day .
I am the one who is in charge of the $$ in my household.
Wife to Bob
Mom to 4

Arlette 04-10-2002 05:52 PM

Hey Shawn, I don't think you're a meanie!:) It's just someones "opinion" (I think it may have been Suze Orman's). Somehow I never forgot what she said because I related to it so well. Oh, well...and you're right, it made me want to buy her books!!!:-D

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