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  • I am a stay at home Mom with a (almost) 2 year old. I would like to be able to make a few dollars while at home. Anyone h ave any ideas other that taking in other kids to watch?
    I am grateful for any ideas.
  • eBay
    If your house and garage could use a nice spring cleaning... try putting your excess on eBay. The holidays are coming up, are you any good at crafting? If so, check eBay or your local trade shows, farmers markets, etc.

    That's about all I have... sorry!

  • agree ebay
    Yes I agree completely try ebay. I have been doing online auctions now for the past 3 years. I have sold all kinds of things from my kids used clothing to toys and books. Even old video tapes and anything u can think of . If you are not sure if it will sell, type it in the ebay search and see if anyone else is selling it. I make about 75 -150 a wk on ebay. U can also go to yard sales and buy things cheap to sell on ebay. Good Luck!
  • I know this sounds like a silly question, but is it hard to keep track of everything.........when time is up, who is buying what, where to send what, etc....
    I think I would be totally all mixed up with a bunch of different things selling all at once???
    What's your best advice for keeping track of everything?
  • Working at home
    I'm not sure what kind of skills you may have - but I work from home doing medical transcription work. I have a friend who knew how to type but didn't know the medical words so she took a medical terminology class through her local college over the internet, so she didn't have to leave home even for the class. If you look in your local yellow pages under "Medical Records" or something similiar to that - and call around. Alot of place will provide the equipment you need and help with training. I know with my two little ones - a 3 and 4 year old, the job works great for me and I make a pretty decent living - about 800 to 1000 a month for pretty much part-time work and I'm doing it from home, which is really important for me and my family.

  • ebay tips
    No I do not find it hard to keep track of everything. I do things to make it easier so that I don't get confused. First I prepackage everything. I do that for two reasons, one so I don't mix up items I am selling and two to get an idea what the shipping charges will be. I always have the person who has won the auction pay shipping charges plus I add some on for handling costs, like an extra 50cents which also helps cover the cost of listing the item on ebay. Also I mark the box with the auction number so I positively wont mix up an auction. Also you can try listing items one a day instead of say all 7 on one day. That way the auctions end on different days. I also recieve payments using paypal which I like alot. It goes directly into my checking account that way. I also accept money orders and personal checks but I make sure I hold personal checks for 7 business days before I ship the item to be sure the check cleared and I state all this in my auctions. It may sound complicating but it isnt. It is very easy and convienent to do from home. I have made alot of extra money this year from ebay. I have been able to tile part of my house, go on a weeks vacation to Disney with 5 of my kids and hubby and we have bought many items like a new TV and VCR. Things we couldnt have done if I hadn't been doing ebay. Best wishes.
  • I have been mystery shopping for just about 2 years now. It doesn't pay the bills, in full, but it helps with the groceries. Check out for sites that a reputable. It is all done online. is one off the top of my head!
  • You are right...
    ...don't do day care. I have watched friends get worked over by over zealous social workers. Parents are always right when you get paid to love a child. You earn $2 an hour and end up hiring a lawyer for $150 or more an hour because you are guilty until you prove yorself are innocent with social services.

    And your children and your home life are open to scrutiny.

    Great ebay advice. I have been afraid to sell because surely something would go wrong between sale and sending.
  • ebay
    I too recommend ebay. I have sold things there and it couldn't be much easier.

    Have you check out a home based business? Something like Avon, Home and Garden, Tupperware, ect. With alot of these you can set your own hours.
  • : A word to the wise about home based businesses. It is easy to buy to much inventory for yourself and have no real profit. Learn about biz tax rules first!! You will set up your bookkeeping the right way up front.

    Ask about the turnover rate. Is was 100% or higher in some companies that last time I looked. In other words, no one on average stayed with the business more than a year.

    I do recommend that you buy the business kit and sell a little if it is something you like and would have bought a bunch of any way. Say Pampered Chef or Longaberger baskets; might as well save yourself the consultantís fee and make one or two large investments up front in the stuff you would buy a lot of anyway.

    Beware inventory carrying. I mean literally!! Imagine carrying around books to others homes to show or photo albums (although I love Creative Memories). Heavy! I tried Discovery Toys and was to afraid to let my kids play with the stuff incase they lost an piece.

    With Weekenders (women's knit clothes) one doesn't carry more than a sample real bag of clothes. You deliver to customers in about 3 weeks. I know women making money at this one. Personally, I have no fashion sense to begin with. All those years of 17 magazine lost on me.