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  • What is cheap cycle? Is that like freecycle? Does it have a web address? We have an online garage sale in the county, but it is not very active in the smaller things.
  • Yes cheap cycle is like free cycle but you can offer things for sale as well as give them away. They are county based and the groups I belong to are on I would suggest you search cheapcycle and your county/state to find one near you.

  • Well, I searched, but I didn't find one in my area. Oh, well.
  • With the start of school next week I would like to try to sell the un-sold garage sale items online. Will start local with the cheapcycles and Craigslist but I was wanting names of the photo sites to up load the pictures to so people can see what is for sale instead of emailing individual people pictures.

    Any ideas? I've heard of photobucket but don't know anything about them.

  • photobucket is easy to use, just go and take a look.
    also my cermanic teacher send me a link today that was with flickr

    it had pictures,
    there is another one but I can't think what it is called.
    hopefully these 2 will help you out.

    wishing you well on your sale