Do you use Craigs List, FreeCycle, Cheap Cycle & other sites like this to buy & sell?

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  • Our local FC is not active. I have been using FB buy sell trade pages but the drama. I have found people don't read the entire ad. I am waiting almost a month for a gal to pick up one item.
  • I used to use our local Free cycle to give things away and get a few things once in while but it has changed hands and a lot of the old members who you knew would show up have left. I am just a lurker now and prefer to give things to the thrift store. I do not trust our local Craig's list.
  • I haven't seen anything on Free cycle for years everyone is using FB yard sales.

  • I give to freecycle and have gotten several things. Our local one is pretty active. I have nrver even seen FB yardsale
  • I just found a local FB website so am going to check it out.
  • I've found them by searching "my" county yard sale or "my" county rummage sale

  • I've used Craigslist a few times, all with positive results. As with all things Re: money and sales... buyer beware.