Tip of the Day

  • REMEMBER....If it sounds too good to be true, it usually
    is. Don't put your money into anything that guarantees
    you'll be rich overnight or with very little effort.
    Don't Give out confidential information over the phone.
    For Example: Social Security Numbers, Pin Numbers, etc.
  • This includes those emails that you receive in your inboxes that say you have a relative that died and they let you money...it is a scam.

    If you get an email from a bank that you do not bank with...delete it...do not even open it...sometimes there are bugs in the email that can track your info on your computer...

    Remember that Paypal, your bank, etc will not ask for verification through an email...if ever in question go straight to the web site and if it is important it will pop up on the web site...still in question email them...It is not worth the hassle...if it is bogus...