Use Less Pay More

  • California Utility Proposal to raise rates on those who can least afford it and or use small amounts of electricity to support the McMansions.

    The Bay Citizen 33xd Tiny URL for Use Less, Pay More under PG&E's Proposed Rate Hike - The Bay Citizen

    What do you think?

  • Oh no.I am shocked but this is going to be very hard for some of the residents to be charged a flat fee like that!!
    Makes me glad where I am at!
  • The bill passed yesterday:

    PG&E Overhauls Billing System - The Bay Citizen

    What is scary is as the first article said it may only be in CA. now but could happen anywhere since it got approved.

  • That is so stupid, penalize the people that are trying to conserve energy and natural resources and make the poor pay more.

    What is the moral here.... leave the lights on all night long so your bill is less than if you turned them off?????

  • I agree with you Roberta!!
  • Our electricity a couple of years back was privatised and since then the rates and our bills have skyrocketed, our last bill was nearly $600 (3 months) and that is with no heater, no air con and no pool, eeek!