Tax free shopping weekends

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Yes! I shopped during this time.
No, I really didn't do any special shopping
This isn't available in our area
I'm not sure what this is.
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  • I don't know if we have it here or not. I do buy for our grandkids that are still in school but if we had it here I wasn't aware of it.
  • We were lucky. Mississippi had it one weekend and Tennesse had it the next weekend. Grandaughter is going to U of Sothern Mississippi. We bought a printer, computer paper, and other supplies. Grandaughter bought tops and jeans. (no one should wear a size 0 jeans)
  • We are planning an addition. So we made a list of all the supplies we will be needing and plan to purchase them on the 22nd (vt's day). That will save us big $$$. You figure we had $6000 just in windows! As long as each individual item is less than $2000, it qualifies!
  • WOW~! I have got to investigate this. EDIT: Bummer! Nothing in either of my states. Drat. Oh well enjoy the savings everyone.
  • Delaware has no state tax. So if we need something really expensive we will travel to Delaware and buy it there instead of in PA. We are like an hour from the state line.