Any new frugal cooking cookbooks out there?

  • Everyone raves about "Not Just Beans" and "Miserly Meals" and I know that many people consider them staples on their shelves.

    I'm wondering if there are any new frugal cooking cookbooks out there now?
  • I'm sure some frugal cooking cookbook would be the "old" cook books that our grandmothers owned. Good idea would be to check out the library.

  • "Not Just Beans" has been updated in the past year or so. Now it's 3 times the size with TONS of recipes and frugal tips The new book is titled "Dining on a Dime" and I think it was well worth the investment.

    I think that the "church cookbooks" tend to be full of frugal recipes as well. Many of them have "tip pages" separating the different categories. Normally those cookbooks have ingredients that are very likely to be in everyone's pantry.
  • I think I have given away all my church cookbooks. With dd's allergies they aren't helpful. Which is also why I don't own 'Not Just Beans'.

    I have been rereading 'Make a Mix Cookery'.
    I also read the one where she steams and purees all the veggies to add into food. Not big on the 'lying' to my family and some of it was plain silly I thought. But there were some recipes I did want to try. I need to check it out again.
  • Barb---I have lots of the church cookbooks. I just love them.
    Thanks for the input on Dining on a Dime. I have Not Just Beans and love it. Now I think I will go ahead and get Dining on a Dime. The newletter is good to!
  • I love the ones mentioned,church cookbooks and also ones that my grandmother has.She knows to pass on any that she doesn't want anymore.They have alot of good receipes in there too.