Your coin jar - are you losing money?

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The article was an eye opener!
The article made me rethink my coin jar
I already knew everything in the article
I don't collect change
I do something different - what?
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  • This is one of my favorite things, saving coins! A couple of years ago, my husband and I spent NY day with our coin jar. $600! We bought a bed for our spare room.

    I also have a piggy bank that I bought at a discount store for $3 and I have had it for years. I used to keep it in the laundry room. My husband always has atleast 75 cents a day in his pockets. When he leaves for work, I did the change out and put it and any spare one dollar bills and put it in the pig. I am saving to get $$ for airfare for my sister. I moved the pig to my office and put it in a cabinet out of sight. I cant wait for June to see how much I have. FUN!
  • I save all coins have several "piggy" banks and one spacific one is towards my b'day getaway with my friend Susie the getaway is for our b'days hers 16th of Oct and mine 17th. I also save $1.00 bills with A's, B's, J's, L's and G's. The G's are mine and go towards my getaway too. The A's for Adam, B's for Steven (they don't make and S) J's for Judy. I love saving when I can. Any rebate checks I get go into C U savings acct.
    Good going Jodi on the buying bed with coins