Savings strategies

  • Hello everyone,

    The following are the useful savings strategies that will help you have a bright and happy future for us.

    Changing our way of shopping, purchasing, and saving. Using our own talents and skills, rather than taking the help of a professional. Try doing things, hobbies, and activities that will not involve so much expense.

    Minimizing the amount we spend on expensive alcoholic drinks and cigarettes, rather use that money on something that is more productive and healthier.

    Shopping around, comparing prices in various shops before purchasing anything is one of the best ways to raise your saving, , because it's very likely that the shop beside us is offering it on sale.

    When we accumulate all our savings from each item, we will realize that simply by patiently looking around we have raised our saving by few hundreds.

    Another excellent way of increasing our savings is saving our money within a savings account. This can be an excellent source of immediate funds to meet unexpected emergency.

    It is sensible to save our money in an interest bearing account to meet our emergency needs, instead of taking a loan or bill a credit card. We will be in more debts and higher interest payments if we choose to take a loan or bill a credit card.

  • I started keeping a spreadsheet in Excel four months ago. I log in every expense no matter how small. It helps me see how much money goes for groceries or eating out.
  • You are doing a great job ... every has to start doing what you are doing grannybaker...